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Merle Travis

An open letter to Rockstar: please slow down the fast in game clock and please patch the day, night and weather transitions!

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Guest Guest176525326
On 11/20/2018 at 7:15 PM, ibsmokin said:

Yeah it’s way to fast it should be three to even 6 hours easily for an entire in game 24 hours. I mean we have the ability to sleep to advance time to when we want. Or if you want different weather just rest up somewhere for a couple hours. Right now it’s rediculous, go in to customize a few weapons and I’m there for a day and a half like what?

Totally agree with you. The weather transition is one of the weakest points of the game. At times it’s unbelievabley unrealistic...

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It's weird that people want such long hours for an in game day. It's currently short(only in night time) but If I'm having a 2 hour session I want to see night time at least twice. The best would be the same 48 minute formula IMO. they still use that in days but I don't know why they made each minute shorter in nights in comparison to days. 

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Volumetric clouds are sometimes moving and forming way too fast, not sure if it has to do with optimization and framerate but I'm curious to know why it was done like that.

Edited by anthony

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7 hours ago, anthony said:

Volumetric clouds are sometimes moving and forming way too fast, not sure if it has to do with optimization and framerate but I'm curious to know why it was done like that.


The weather pattern is probably tied to the time cycle settings. The storm clouds, at extreme time cycle speeds, form and dissapte far too quickly. 


This, unfortunately, will not be revised by R*.   Just have to wait for PC version to alter time cycle settings.


I have slowed down the timecycle factor in all my GTA pc releases and it makes a huge difference in game play.

Edited by DrDetroit

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On 10/28/2018 at 1:18 AM, Merle Travis said:

A PETITION IS UP, PLEASE SIGN UP EVERYBODY: https://www.change.org/p/rockstar-games-rockstar-fix-the-fast-in-game-clock-and-patch-the-sunset-and-weather-transitions-in-rdr-2?recruiter=834966035&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petition&utm_term=149a58ceb0834237b4a49c3eb45b9f06


This is a game that prides itself on immersion, which is why its odd the games day and night cycle is so fast. Sunsets, sunrises and other weather changes are hard to enjoy when time is going by this fast. Almost everyone I have talked to are disappointed with a mere 48 minutes for day and night. It seems to be roughly the same as GTA V, 1 hour = 2 minutes, but with faster sunsets and nights for some reason so it sometimes ends up being only 30 minutes! That fast does not fit this games pace, it does not blend well with the atmosphere and hinders immersion. As someone said, contemplating the wide open plains and vistas, from the golden late afternoon sun, as the sun *slowly* sets turning from yellow, to orange to red to scattering purple colour on the clouds, that was one of the most artful and atmospheric things in RDR1. But not in RDR 2, they just fly by and are over in an instant. I measured it and sunsets only last around 10-15 seconds. The hours during night is even faster, like 1 minute so 1 night is like 5-7 minutes. The clock is so fast there is no real need to sleep to skip time. If you go out hunting at midnight, ride somewhere, set up camp and sit by the fire, its already morning. You go in a shop in the morning and buy and sell some things for a while, you go out its already evening. Why though, when the game is so gorgeous and tries to pace it self so differently than GTA? This game is meant to be enjoyed with patience...feels very rushed to have sunsets and other dynamic weather changes happen that fast. Its like they designed the game for the average player to play for half an hour or so. Only no one does that in this game because of the size of the world and the amount of things you can do. Rockstar, if you are reading this, please patch this and let us enjoy weather changes and sunsets and sunrises! At the very least please add a time slider setting in the menu for single player. I don't really see what the problem would be to add an option, they could still have missions happen at fixed times, online mode that is coming wouldn't be affected neither since they could make an option just for single player.


Rockstar ought to address this, because as it is now, the fast cycle affects the weather badly too - weather changes are very obvious and hectic, clouds and the moon or storms fly by in just a matter of minutes even seconds sometimes. The sky does some very strange things when you observe it in that I am wondering whether it is a bug or was intended this way. I have had lighting changes from one second to another like someone turned a lamp off. The fast cycle also makes it hard for the player to feel that they managed to do what they wanted during a day or a night. It would not only be more realistic but much more enjoyable with a time cycle setting for single player that would let you chose cycle length, all the way up to realistic passage of time. Anyone who wouldn't like to change the cycle of 48 minutes could simply keep the option off. 


Skyrim modders managed to mod time with very little effort in that game, and in GTA V modders did it pretty easily for the PC version. Going by the GTA V mod there seems to be a universal clock that everything runs according to and it is very probable it is the same in Red Dead 2, which makes it easy to modify. NPCs are probably locked to a world clock and since this is Rockstar we are talking about, they probably have coded it well enough that the clock can be modified and NPC schedules will be adjusted accordingly.  So it should not be that hard for Rockstar to at least add this as an optional feature for single player. They wouldn't lose any daily deducted money either from online since they can keep the faster day cycle in the online mode. And even if they dont slow it down, they must patch the fast sunsets and lighting and weather changes, they are not enjoyable when they are this buggy!


With that said, lets make this happen together folks! Lets write to Rockstar and request an option for a slower day and night cycle and fix the sunsets and weather changes: 


Link to RDR 2 supportpage (click bug report)


Link to Rockstar mouthoff


Link to Rockstar Twitter


Since this thread has gotten traction, I'd advise anyone writing Rockstar to link to this thread in their message as well. Please reach out to them on Twitter and Facebook and other social outlets, its our only chance and its more likely they take notice on social media and their own channels. Just remember to be nice about it and explain the problem and hopefully they will take notice.


It doesn't just ruin immersion, every day/night cycle you lose around $9-11 in utility costs. I actually think this is an intentional design choice :(

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Just got the PC version and expected to be able to change the time cycle but can find no way to do so. Currently I ride into town buy/read newspaper and then have to ride back to camp and sleep, or play a few hands of poker and 1 or 2 days past (seriously?!), or go through a merchants catalog and oh what's this it's midnight and have to head back to camp. Day/Night cycle should be 4 hours and nothing lower then that. I personally would set it real time and advance time to where I need at camps. That would be a million times better then what they have now.

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