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Post your Arthur Morgan!


Recommended Posts

1 hour ago, Bruce Khansey said:



How do you take pictures like this? In-game camera through the inventory or else?

correct, in game through inventory, with your binoculars 

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2 hours ago, anthony said:



I’ve had my hair short this whole time but I’m seeing the long hair and I kind of dig it. Time to drink the sh*t out of hair tonics

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Early on in the game and just recently. I've made it my mission to find and kill all the Night Folk. It's such a creepy thrill to seek them out in the swamps during misty nights, hearing their "kk-kk" all around me.




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This is a bit dated. Will post a more recent one later. 

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I will never understand all you crew-cut and bald Arthurs. I just don't see it.

Well, it all depends on what I'm doing. For instance, I could be dancing with a lovely lady:




Or I could be out for a night on the town in Saint Denis:




Or I could be fending off bounty hunters while hunting up in the Grizzlies:




Or I might just be covered in black waiting to rob a train:



Edited by MatthewIRL
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That's Mr Morgan to you boy!!


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