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What to do with Legendary Pelts?

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Hi guys, I just got a legendary pelt fairly early on in the game - and I know you are advised to go to the Trapper rather than sell it at the nearest butcher/ general store. But the Trapper is a looong way away, and I don't want to spoil the experience of going to the game's biggest city for the first time, just to offload a pelt - so early on. Did anyone else have the same experience? What did you do with the pelt? 

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Just hold on to it until you get to the trapper.

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But where? On the back of my horse for another quarter of the game until we get to the big city? I've no idea how long that'll be. It says you can leave things at the camp, but each time - I've lost whatever I left there. I can't have it on the back of my horse for all this time, because I won't be able to fit anything else on? Is there no solution for storing them?

Edited by josephene123

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Jimmy Darmody

You take the pelt to the trapper and sell it to him. After you do this you can buy outfits from him made of the legendary pelt. For example, simply selling him the legendary bear pelt will automatically make you able to buy a "bear hat" made of the bears head. And if you got a bison skin in perfect condition you can make a jacket too... Bottom line is: Sell the pelt to the trapper.

Edited by Jimmy Darmody

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I abandoned legendary pelt(bear) near camp fire. Notification said you can order new outfit. Hope I can LOL.

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Might also want to check in with the cook/butcher/crafter at your camp. He's the one who can craft satchels and other equipment/clothing for you to wear.  The higher value stuff requires better quality pelts etc. See if he'll take the pelt off you.

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Mrs. Buzz

There's a trapper who'll buy the pelt for 60 bucks really close to your camp. He's located near RIGGS Station, west from the camp behind the river. Once found RIGGS Station, cross the road (station in the back), go up the small hill and you'll find the trapper.


I had the same problem, I somehow survived the attack of the legendary grizzly (killed him with knife) and had no clue where to sell its pelt. Finally found the trapper near Riggs.


Other solution (for Ultimate Edition owners only I guess): Before the grizzly quest, you get your own horse, so you have two, the temporary one in your camp and the free one you got. You can store the pelt on the temp-horse - it won't fade away.

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