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Single player PS4 install patches yes or no?

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Hello guys,

I am buying GTA 5 for PS4 after already playing it years back on the PS3. My question is, when I receive the game, should I install the patches/ update the game or leave it as it is? Online modus doesn't interest me at all, just single player. Are there advantages for any of the two? And maybe, is there a possibility to use older patches (if better for single player experiences than the newest one)?


Would like to hear your opinions!

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Online mode isn't here yet, so maybe, I guess yes. I didn't buy it yet, but there was a day 1 patch, for single player specifically. Gotta see what others say. Data on which way is better is likely limited at this time.


edit: this was not the rdr2 forum.

Edited by JuliusCaesar
this was not the rdr2 forum.

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I would say yes

Especially if you plan on using the same account 


...Returning Player Bonus Content 



Edited by Deadman2112

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so the recent online only patches haven't made the single player experience worse, for example introduced new bugs?

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Nah the game runs fine on them including the trophy pop

Only real downside that I've found is the length of time to complete the download.


...bring snacks lol

Edited by Deadman2112

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This is the Single player content you get after downloading patches:



Bravado Rat-Truck

Vapid Slamvan

Massacro Racecar

Jester Racecar

Pegassi Osiris

Enus Windsor

Benefactor StIrling GT

Albany Virgo

Progen T20

Vapid Chino 

Invetero Coquette Blackfin

Coil Brawler 

Dinka Vindicator (bike)

Lampadati Toro (boat)

Gold Luxor (plane)

Gold Swift (helicopter)



Proximity Mines

Homing Rocket Launcher 

Coil Combat PDW

Marksman Pistol

Knuckle Dusters


Radio Stations: 

The Lab

blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM


Director Mode

Rockstar Editor 


I'd say it's worth it for the Director Mode. However, this mode does have some disappointing limitations, such as not being able to customize cars. But it is fun for causing mayhem.

Edited by TheRandomUser1

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No lol

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