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Did you look at the map?😉 Be honest. 🤠

Luddite 2.0

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So with some editions there is an enclosed paper map.  I started to open it and realized that I didn't want to know.


How about you ?

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Edward Nashton

I totally looked at the map and I don't even own the game. I'm a bit disappointed with the exclusion of a certain region. 

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I mean .. I'd try and lie and say I didn't but the mapping thread above this section is full of my posts and memes about it so yeah, I did look at the map like a week ago, not really spoiled as what I got in the game was something insane, not even that map can describe how big this world is.

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I looked at it two years ago.




Unsurprisngly, there's only so much a map can reveal. Despite already having a good grasp of it, I still find myself overwhelmed by the sheer size and scope of the world. No regrets.


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Algonquin Assassin

I've never seen the map honestly. I know it extends on Red Dead Redemption's, but that's all I know so I'm pretty much playing it blind.

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I don't see anything wrong with looking at the map.  If I were really Aurhtur Morgan back in that time, I'd some basic familiarity with the overall national landmass / regions / states/ etc. 


Instead of fogging the whole map to try to make it mysterious for us, they should show the basic top level outline and region names, and just fog the details.  That would reflect the kind of general geographic knowledge we would have of the America of the day.  


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Not yet, but that installation time was making it mighty tempting. (Here helped on that front).


Now I'm playing, I can wait until I've explored/made good progress.

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I did just a minute ago actually. But I'm a ways into the game now. I didn't know the standard edition came with a map lol. It would seem all the physical copies come with one then as I just have the standard. I'm with the guy above saying it's not a spoiler really. They would have had access to maps at any point in history unless you go WAY back or the story is about the first explorers. 

Edited by MaGicBush
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Of course I looked at the map. I needed to do something while I was waiting for the game to install.

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