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Disable autofilling desktop as default destination folder.

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If you've been exporting open formats files to a certain location, the destination folder dialog will show that path in the address bar. But in the "Folder" bar at the bottom, it defaults to Users\[Username]\Desktop. So you expect it to export to the folder shown in the main window and the address bar, but it actually exports somewhere else. Which means you end up closing OpenIV, going to where you expect to find the file, not finding it, then going back into OpenIV to see where it might have gone.


So can that default Users\[Username]\Desktop be either removed, or made optional please? I know it might seem a simple "Well just press delete" solution but UI inconsistency isn't a good thing anyway. When the address bar says one thing and when the main window confirms that location, the last thing you expect, is the file to go somewhere else. Plus when you've got a screen full of Visual Studio, another full of 3DS Max, Photoshop in the background and you're trying to get some files exported, you tend to just hit the export button. And that's not taking into account the times I have Codewalker open as well looking for entities and textures.


It's just a small change that would save time... something I possibly don't have a lot left of.


This picture shows what I mean.


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OpenIV Team

This is not an expected or default behavior. This is a bug. But why you experience it, that is the question.


Please do the following test:


Open regedit, navigate to:



1) What do you see in (Default) value?

2) Go into OpenIV and export some files to different folders and then check the (Default) value again, does it changed? (Don't forget to refresh regedit)



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Hmmm, this is actually confusing. I can't get it to repeat it today but it's definitely something I have experienced several times over the last couple of weeks. Then again, I have probably done more exporting over the last couple of weeks than I have in the last year.


Doing the above test updated the BrowseForFolder with the new locations I had exported to, so that seems to work fine.


Is exporting files, the only part of OpenIV that will update that registry key?  I do have multiple applications active at most times and on occasions, I can end up with multiple instances of OpenIV, if I forget it's already open and double click a ytd/ydr or something.


Aha! That's the cause. If you open OpenIV, I presume that it reads the registry key to set the export folder's default location and updates it when you browse to a different folder. If you then open a ytd file and export a texture to a different location, when you go back to the first OpenIV and export a file, the path will show where the texture was exported to but the Folder option will be set to what the registry key said.


So to reproduce.

1) Open OpenIV and export a file to a chosen folder. Leave OpenIV open...

2) Double-click an existing ytd (on your desktop or something but not in OpenIV) and export a texture to a different folder to what you chose in 1)

3) Export another file from the already open OpenIV and the locations shown in the path and the Folder display will be different.


So it looks like you can cause the outputs to go out of sync, if you export to a different location while OpenIV is already open.

Edited by LeeC2202

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