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RDR2 Appreciation Thread

Message added by Spider-Vice

This is a positive thread. Use the "Constructive Criticism" thread to complain about the game.


Have a question? Please use the "RDR2 Quick Questions" thread.

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3 hours ago, Cutter De Blanc said:

Hung out in Van Horn and for once my visit never erupted into a gunfight. It's really a nice town if you dont try to talk to people who dont want to talk to you

Unless some wiseguy tries to rob your wallet.

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Cutter De Blanc
1 hour ago, Kubigz said:

Unless some wiseguy tries to rob your wallet.

Some fella tried to duel me when I first entered the bar, but I declined, Arthur was all, "I didn't come here to waste a bullet on some drunk" and I kept that in mind the entire time I was there

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  • 2 months later...
Mister Pink

Mild spoilers, ahead, please be warned. 


Over 2 years and playing around 220hrs, I've finally finished the story of RDR2. I can easily say it's one of the best games I've ever played with one of the best stories, ever. I love the ides of prologues and epilogues. I think it adds so much value to the game. Particularly having to experience the epilogue. It makes the story ever so tragic. I was so invested in Arthur. I think he was a great man. And his character arch of redemption was superb. The chats with the Nun while he was sick, the woman he help hunting and setting up home north of Annesburg. All the strangers he helped felt so meaningful. Because we have a character who is an outlaw and perhaps got enamoured with the wrong leader (Dutch) and his ideals changed too. Arthur was forced to look and re-evaluate his own life.


I love that it was suggested that John might be the rat. I went through a phase of hating him this game but completely turned around by the end. And grew to love him again during the epilogue. 


I love playing big epic stories like this over long periods. For me, it adds to the grandeur of things. The first time I watched The Sopranos was probably over the space of two years.  Leaving big gaps of gameplay adds to the in-game passage of time. Each time I returned to the game, it felt like it was fresh and almost new again. I started off on Xbox One S and finished on Series X. The bump in graphics was is amazing!




So, I'm going to post a bunch of images of my journey below... 










































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