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RDR2 Appreciation Thread

Message added by Spider-Vice

This is a positive thread. Use the "Constructive Criticism" thread to complain about the game.


Have a question? Please use the "RDR2 Quick Questions" thread.

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Played 4 hours or so and need to go to bed now😫. I have a lot of emotions in me right now.


I play on the One X with a regular screen, this is the best looking game I have ever seen, BY FAR as well. The immersion is completely unreal, will there ever be a game as immersive as this im honestly sceptical about that. Gunplay is amazing, sounds are amazing, everything is amazing and done so well, you just can't compete with this. The Oxford dictionary needs to be updated after this game, the words we have today just aren't enough to describe some of the things in this game.


The immersion comes at a price though, everything you do has an animation, everything takes time and as a result, gameplay becomes a bit slow at times. It is on the edge of being too slow for me at times, and I consider myself pretty tolerant.


In short, this game is mindblowing in pretty much every aspect, gameplay is extremely good and fun, but at times slow, i'm worried it is even too slow.

Edited by Flannelmagic1
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I’m so tired my eyes hurt, but I can’t stop playing. It’s incredible; it’s surpassed all of my expectations, and then some.


I’ve just finished the prologue and jumped on a train straight to Saint Denis. It looks beautiful and it feels alive.


Hold me.

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1. So glad 👍 they didn't force us into a slam-bang robbery mission right from the start, like damned North Yankton.  I think I'll restart the game and purposely wander off from Dutch and Micah, and see if I die in the snow.  


2. Glad I could relax and not be hurried in the first cabin, looking for supplies.  Waited till daylight, to look around


3.  First person view seemed instantly natural in the cabin.  I think I'll use it more.  


EDIT:  Is there a way into that barn-like building near the cabin, or is Rockstar trolling us with a non-enterable structure, right from the git-go?  


EDIT 2:  When the time came, in the story running on rails, it let me in.  


Edited by saintsrow
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Im the only 1 at my local Wal-Mart right now. Lol. 😅


Now for the inevitable install wait time and the 3.3gb title update...f* the next hour or so...😧

Edited by Semaj 2JZ♢
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Ok so im about an hr in and so far..its pretty danm amazing!! The 4K graphics are to die for! The gameplay takes some getting used to but its not bad at all so far! Also love the dialogue between characters. Choices in missions bring sone good variety too.


This game is gonna take over my life pretty soon..

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I'm in the mountain again (you can still sleep in the same house as in the intro) and it didn't snow and I didn't experienced any storm, is it rare or it is never going to happen again? That would be a shame (note that I'm there since a bit more than one day).

It's still great tho, you can put up a camp, sit in your tent and sleep; sit by the fire, cook some meat and eat, Arthur actually pull up a knife and cook the food and eat.

You can hunt for you and pick up some herbs for your horse.

You can literally live in the wilderness.

(watch out for the wolves)

Edited by anthony
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The only complaint I have so far is that I can't keep up with reading both ... the tips on the top left and the dialogue at the same time ... for a non native English speaker it's very very very difficult to concentrate both on the dialogue and the games' instructions and tips that are constantly thrown on the screen (top-left).

I wish they'd just pause the game when a new tip pops-up on top left instead of keeping the game running.

This really ended in a bit of a headache before I went to sleep last night, no joke!

Also even on the Pro I noticed in minor occassions a frame drop of 1 or 2 ... so I'm just glad I updated from my base PS4 because I'm VERY sensible when it comes to framerate.

Other than that ... you can really tell how different Rockstar Games' approach to story telling is with this one ... it takes the best parts from linear-story-driven-games (think: Naughty Dog) and pushes the open-world storytelling to a whole new level ... the first mission with the "Priest" was hilarious!

Mission variety is also very great ... the introduction is still one of the best of any game to date ... for sure of anything R* has done so far!

Now I'm off ... back to playing more RDR2 :)

Advice ... if someone doesn't want to know how many story missions this game has to offer ... don't visit the R* Social Club ... it's right there when you open the RDR2 tab. I somewhat feel mad that I visited the site and also that R* puts it in plain sight there whereas they hide it in the games' statistics!


It's a whopping 107 missions ... jesus christ! ... the most of any R* game to date! It'll probably take me forever to finish the main story but I'm so happy!


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1 hour ago, MarlboroMan1995 said:

Is anybody had trouble getting the war horse?? Claimed my code but is not in queue

I had to go into the PS store library to find it


EDIT: on 2nd disc install now, listening to the theme music just damn

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Could anyone comment on how the game looks on the base Xbox One? That Digital Foundry comparison video today made me a bit worried. (I'm getting the game shipped so won't have it until tomorrow)

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58 minutes ago, wxflurry said:

Could anyone comment on how the game looks on the base Xbox One? That Digital Foundry comparison video today made me a bit worried. (I'm getting the game shipped so won't have it until tomorrow)

I'm on a base ps4 and even then it looks amazing, so I'm pretty sure it'll look fine on your base Xbox One

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