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RDR2 Appreciation Thread

Message added by Spider-Vice

This is a positive thread. Use the "Constructive Criticism" thread to complain about the game.


Have a question? Please use the "RDR2 Quick Questions" thread.

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1 hour ago, stevo irwin19 said:

Yes yes yes 

So I've now had a couple of confirmations that all the HUD, pop-up and prompts can be disabled, but none on the breaking of first-person I've seen in videos during missions. Is there a 'never break from first-person' option?


Also just curious about FP options in general. Watched a discussion recently in which one of the people said there is an absolute glut of first-person options, but she didn't want to spoil things by explaining what.


This has been a first-person dream of mine for god knows how many years, and I'm still waiting, but is there any kind of 'independent' head movement option? What I mean by this is being able to look around while walking without turning your whole body.

Edited by OurJud
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It kills me that I'm going to have to wait until the price drops. Seriously wondering what I can sell to make the £40 I need.


The only thing I have that would fetch that kind of money is my PS4, but I'll kind of need that.

Edited by OurJud
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I'm just saying GTAV's release was way more popping by now, both of them were


This is actually a bit anticlimactic,  and I feel like a bit of an asshole for waiting here all day

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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My first impressions in more detail, nothing to complain about really. Game looks f*cking beautiful, gameplay mechanics feel more refined, and the narrative is really keeping me gripped.

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What are you guys thinking of the first-person shooting mechanics (if you're using FP). They looked a bit odd in the video I watched - kind of like he wasn't looking right down the barrel of the gun so that it was off to the side rather than centered in your view.

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Think I just spend 45 minutes buying a new outfit for Arthur, at least he's looking stylin'.


There's a pretty mad amount of customisation too.

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Thank you guys for this fantastic journey.


Finally we can enjoy this masterpiece and I can finally see my PRETTY BOAH ARTHUR in person!



Edited by Filip
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Guys I envy you. I thought the game will be in my local physical store on 26 so I did not preorder online, now I find out that the game is online exclusive for a while. Now I made the online preorder but it usally takes 4 days to come. So I have to wait 4 more days LOL. The biggest problem is that I don't want to watch any video with the game, but I don't think I can resist temptation for 4 days. :(

Edited by mark.gunt22
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1 minute ago, Hess1922 said:

So who's playing on a base PS4? Does it look/run well?

Looks amazing, best looking game I've played, better than even Horizon. The lighting is f*cking insanely good man.


Frame rate has been fine so far but I definitely felt a bit of a drop when wandering into Valentine, but nothing that took me out of the game and probably not something the vast majority of players would notice (I play PC too so I'm a bit more accustomed to frame rate drops). Haven't got into any really intensive stuff and I hear St Denis is a bit more chuggy when it comes to frames on the base consoles though.


The only real complaint I have so far is there's not as many control scheme options as GTA V NG. I want my R1 to sprint control scheme from GTA V, Rockstar. 😡

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8 minutes ago, Cutter De Blanc said:

Some guy is running around here dressed like one of Reyes' Rebels... I think he might be a homeless guy

Plot twist It's Greenrock 

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So where's the best place to ask questions? Nothing spoilery. But in all GTA's & RDR, the tips/info in the top corner pop up. Sometimes I miss them or don't read quick enough. In GTA you could go to the 'brief' section to read it back. Can't seem to find it in RDR2. Is it there?

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Just woke up, slept barely 6 hours as I stopped to play around 5:00AM this morning.

As someone said, I can't wait to go back into our 'Westworld'.

Honestly, the game is really immersive.

Edited by anthony
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31 minutes ago, Hess1922 said:

So who's playing on a base PS4? Does it look/run well?


I am. Looks absolutely fantastic and runs like a dream. Blown away by it all.

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