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RDR2 Screenshots/Photo Mode Thread (PS4/X1)


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When I think about ray tracing in RDR2, I can only think of the PC trying to run it being absolutely murdered instead of how pretty the game would look.

Ray tracing as is is barely viable in most games. The highest end setups can just target 60FPS 1080P in games like Battlefield V and the Battlefield series by DICE is the gold standard when it comes to PC optimization.

Edited by IG_
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Cutter De Blanc

Greetings from the southland! Just playing through the story line a bit right now, but that didn't stop me from catching a few nice photos on my adventures.






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I do miss R* Editor, but it's kinda fun to just stop and snap a picture at a random time.











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Please tell me I am not the only one to see a badger reading a book in this rock formation?? [bottom right, behind the three central trees]


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finally remembered to pull out the camera while i was taking in the view a few times this morning.











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20 hours ago, Jason said:


This shot though! It screams Undead Nightmare II :^:


I’m already picturing the undead roaming all around Saint Denis. Talk about an eerie setting. The atmosphere in this shot is so cool.

Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger
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Forgive me if I'm missing something extremely obvious ... but how do I insert an image into a post on here? Normally in most places there would be a little icon represented a landscape or something but I'm not seeing anything.

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  • AndyGanteks changed the title to RDR2 Screenshots/Photo Mode Thread (PS4/X1)

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