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RDR2 Screenshots/Photo Mode Thread (PS4/X1)


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A cold bottle of beer in the hot desert sun


I was amazed by how this one came out, love how the morning light plays through the trees


Darude - Sandstorm


I like this swamp better


Force of nature. I swear, the lightning bolt posed for this shot



Was originally just showing off the hat, but I liked how the picture turned out


The mighty Montana


Real cozy ranch house, real homey


Later on in the afternoon, feeling a might parched


Bookend, with another shot of Tumbleweed's Saloon. Even god is trying to shoot up this town



Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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in full black with the black sombrero of Esteban Cortez.







on a steamboat near Saint Denis.



Landon Ricketts on a cigarette card.






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When did this turn into an open Spoilers topic?

I get the Spoilers tag but come on, massive Spoilers should still be hidden because people still want to look at pictures of the game and see what other people are doing. I would be f*cking livid if I saw some of the pictures in this topic before completing the game. Huge end game Spoilers should still be obscured 

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Is there any way to delete the photos from my camera roll while leaving them uploaded on the social club? I sent an email asking Rockstar support but my ticket was instantly closed as soon as I sent it.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Finally i got the Legend of the East outfit...it was so much grind.








after finishing Master Hunter 10.



Foggy sunshine Bluewater Marsh,LE.



Dawn at Dakota river, north to Valentine.



with the Bullgator.






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Arthur f*cking creeping in the background...

He genuinely looks like someone dressed a monkey up in fancy clothes and asked it to appreciate art.



Tell me this does not look like a scene from a Daniel Craig James Bond movie? Photo-realistic.


Edited by RyuNova
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