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RDR2 Screenshots/Photo Mode Thread (PS4/X1)


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RDR2 is officially out now in Australia and New Zealand, and with it fast approaching the US, UK, and more. I thought (with help from a Spider. ;) ) now would be a good time to get this thread rolling.



This will be a general screenshot thread. Anything pertaining to wildlife should be posted in the wildlife thread.



So! Let's see those vistas, trains, or even pretty boi himself. 

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Can't wait to grab some. 


I spent far too much time perfecting shots in Skyrim ...  (I quite like my Photography) 

... I'm under no illusions this will be any different :)


Just hope a decent photo mode or something is introduced. Would be a huge shame if not. But I'm sure R* has us sorted :)

Edited by Ol' Stinky Pete
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Just now, Spider-Vice said:

A camera will be available at a certain point in the story.

Yea i finally found it, thought we'd get better tools to make some cinematic screenshots with different angles but i guess that's all we got for now.

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I'm trying to resemble one of the bad guys from the beginning of Once Upon A Time In The West



I should probably go clothes shopping


Here is the first photo I took, I fell off the train and figured I'd test out the camera



Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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Can someone please post an image of the stars at night, because mine looks horrible...its these big mushy blobs, not sure if its suppose to look this way, im hoping not!!!!

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