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This is How you can get people to ride a vehicle with CJ?

iPaid Gaming

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Before that, I make sure no one find out this trick before I post it on forums and also I search it on browser but no results had found. Also this is my first topic😀.



  1. Find a Motorbike that the driver have a passanger at his/her back.
  2. Try to smash it and fall them using cars(make sure that people who control that vehicle  will stuck on vehicle.
  3. Before the passanger ride on Motorbike makes sure CJ already get in.

Cars/other four wheel vehicles:

1. Find a People have a passenger in front


2. Try to jack a passenger not on the driver make sure they are tough(e.g. Orange 12, Red hat DJ etc.)


3. Before the passenger ride on the vehicle makes sure CJ already get in

Edited by lil weasel
I have mistake for the details.
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A Motorcycle alows  one passenger.

A Two Door vehicle allows One passenger.

A Four door vehicle allows Three Passengers (or less).

A Bus allows Seven passenger, although they cannot do Drive-bys.


Developing (Raising) Respect can allow Carl to recruit passengers.


Just grabbing a vehicle with a "civilian" (non-gang member) is not much, as the kidnapped passenger will bail out as soon as possible, and will not do a drive-by.

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I test only on motorbikes cars except for faggios, pizzaboy,coach and bus. I forgot to test them all but I think they are not able to do some drive by's if they don't have a range weapons.

I upload this video earlier:


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Note: They do not have benefits for drive by's, but I wonder CJ can get a passanger without recruiting them. That's why I post this topic for anyone who interest with this.

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