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Next DLC Speculation Thread Mk VII


Please leave complaining to the Bitch & Moan Thread, and vehicle discussions in their respective threads. Participants and/or originators of arguments, bashing or bickering due to differing opinions or obvious bait WILL BE PENALIZED AT THE STAFF'S DISCRETION.


Posts about YouTubers are also not allowed and belong here. Bashing or flaming Youtubers will incur penalties.

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560 members have voted

  1. 1. When will it release?

  2. 2. What will you do first?

    • Play in the Casino.
    • Wish you could play in the Casino (if it's region locked).
    • Check out the cars.
    • A little bit of everything.
    • Whine in the B&M thread.
    • Check out the other content, clothes, weapons, etc
  3. 3. How hyped are you?

    • Mega hyped!
    • Pretty excited.
    • Don't care either way tbh.
    • Meh figures it wouldn't be a theme I wanted.
    • I'd rather stub my toe on a desk than get excited for a GTA update.

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5 minutes ago, Lazlow.Jones said:

yes, they want us spending money, which property will drain our accounts faster?  trust me, they wont open competing businesses on the same day

I agree overall, i was just saying that casino is not so special for them and will not probably be that drain property, i even doubt that it will be so money sinking 'cous we cannot spend shark money there, probably will be just another lure for a buisness crap DLC, they give us casino for the hype, but its just a way to drive people crazy adding another tedious and risky buisness and a bunch of expensive items.

They want them to buy shark cards for the cars not for the casino, and to make sure you will the give you a casino in which you can't bet high (doesnt matter for them, you can't spend sharks anyway) and a dull buisness crap.

Edited by FRA32000

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Well guys I have excellent news. We are on page 999. 


See y'all soon!



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