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Shared area comparison between RDR and RDR2


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Only few days left before RDR2 release.
So, everyone know that some of original RDR areas are also presented in RDR2.

It was even hinted by Rockstar in RDR2 trailers.
For example, Blackwater:


It reminds me great days when we had Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories which are prequels to III and Vice City storylines 😋
So we were able to compare same city in different years, and it was great!

Now we have Red Dead Redemption Stories Red Dead Redemption 2.

I suggest to show in this thread screens of same places in RDR and RDR2 in order to compare details which were changed.


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This is one of the reasons I was even more hyped when they revealed it was gonna be a prequel.  Going back to Liberty City and Vice City was great and this will surely be even better.

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So, it took time a bit longer  😉

because old map areas weren't accessible before the epilogue


Now I would like to share my feelings about the old map.
Blackwater and West Elizabeth area is awesome! It is sooo nice to stay here for a long time.
Visiting Hennigan's Stead and Thieves Landing is fun enough, I also like this places.

Yeah, there is some fun in MacFarlane ranch, there is one guy there who talks about this family.

Rio Bravo and Gaptooth Ridge look more like Mexico in original RDR (I mean, deserted and unhabited).

And the main issue is New Austin. Yeah, it looks seriously very sad after the plague.
It's uncomfortable to stay there, the only dream is returning somewhere to awesome Valentine.

By the way, do you remember Tumbleweed settlement in RDR? It was destroyed, abandoned and a place of various criminals and gangs. So, years before it really was a nice place to take a visit and stay.  Here you are my notes and few screens about Tumbleweed: 



And nice view to Mexico (inaccessible, but great even on the distance):




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