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Property owning around frontier


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Hello everyone!

In RDR we had nice places to save game and change outfits. Some of them were owned by John during storyline and purchased offscreen, some were necessary to be purchased using in-game money.

Do you have any suggestions about property owning in RDR2? 
I would like  to have property in each area of frontier. Small cabins and even large ranchos (like John's Beacher's Hope).

When game is out, I gonna update this post to make something like small documentation about places to own & save game around the Wild West 😉
While now, post your ideas!

Edited by LastWarrior
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I wouldn't mind being able to rent a tavern room or something or maybe helping out the tavern or whatever to earn a room permanently. Hopefully we can use campfires to change outfits too.

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I will only buy one property and it will be inside a brothel that has healthy food and liquor. Don't care about the ladies.

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I hope you can buy property and I hope you can also do it for online. Rockstar said that the way apartments will work is that you will have a camp in online (or something along those lines) but like I said I hope you can own actual property.

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I hope you can make your own camp and build it up, upgrade it to add more room, protection and functionality. Maybe even build a small town. 

And I hope it's nothing like GTA:O. 

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I'd like to own an apartment in Saint Dennis.

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Huge potential here for me, both in story or online. I'd love to build up my character/s and have a good variety in property too. From shacks to even mansions or full ranches.


That said, I am very cautious, especially online. The way GTA:O went with phone calls and the push of recurring spending was too strong IMO. I'd celebrate very much if R* learned of complaints and made things so much more user friendly and choice be left to us more rather than pushed into certain things if want peace in-game to just play.


Camp and options, hunting/fishing shacks, even own a tavern of brothel, or how about build a fort up too, lol. Huge potential either way. The idea from @The FoolYT where we can earn our bed and board is fantastic IMHO too. Would love that.

Edited by Lonely-Martin
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If we do get the possibility to buy properties i'm thinking something along the lines of a little cabin in the woods.

It depends on how Arthurs story plays out.

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I honestly believe we won't be able to own any kind of property in this game. Seems like all the old mechanics for properties are gone or replaced by the camp system.


Don't get me wrong, would love to own some property. Especially a saloon like the one in Armadillo

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