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Was anyone else late getting Red Dead Redemption?

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Unlike most people, I was late getting Red Dead Redemption. I got it last year. I don't remember if it was because I wasn't allowed to get it at the time or because I had no interest but I regret not getting it earlier. The game is amazing but because I haven't been playing it as long as a lot of other people, my excitement for RDR2 isn't as high as everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I'm still excited. Also I missed out on the multiplayer. Is it like this for anyone else, cause sometimes I feel like I'm the only one...

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I've always had it since day one but only finished the story recently (Like last week). When I got it I was addicted to the online portion and never got around to the story. 


Now that I have recently finished the story myself, I am more excited then ever to see the gang John used to be in. In a way we have a benefit of playing for the first time recently. Being that RDR1 is like a very long epilogue for us.

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I was a late lover of this game too.


Back when this came out, and GTA IV also, the period between 2006-2010/11, life was doing it's thing as well as a young family starting up, so I just had to step away from gaming for a spell there. When I came back, from my love of GTA throughout I was so keen to get GTA IV that I even overlooked this game then too. But once I'd had a good spell there, I was looking, and where better than another R* open world, I figured anyway.


And here I am, as loopy as a 7 year old before Christmas morning just waiting for me to be getting stuck in to one of my two all time favourite game franchise again. With how I enjoyed GTA V/O, despite some complaints, I just cannot wait. Great stories. Like you OP, I missed online here too. (And GTA IV, shame).


If not for San Andreas, this would be my favourite videogame though. At least until the weekend. But it'll always be on that list. :)

Edited by Lonely-Martin

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I got the game like a month before GTA 5s release. I didn’t generally get into too much and had already found out how it ended so it wasn’t like I was working towards anything. After GTA 5 came out I didn’t play anything else for ages. I tried restarting Red Dead a few times but always stopped just after getting to the Mexico section. It wasn’t until July that I decided I wanted to just get through it, played solidly for about a week. Completing it got me really hyped for the next one. I’ve played it over the last few months in anticipation of RDR2, but I doubt I’ll be playing it for a while now that we’re nearly at release.

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I still have yet to even play it. I do plan to get it soon though, along with RDR2. I'm probably going to play through RDR1 before even opening RDR2.

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Started playing it today since I last started over two years ago lol. Still at the beginning. Tried going online and when it finally loaded everyone was rounded up in one area. I then died and got an error connection probably because of modders/hackers.

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Rafae S

Yeah, got it in December 2012. Went on a huge gaming break from 2009 - 2012 due to senior year of HS & Uni for two years. 

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I got it in December of 2010 ... so roughly half a year later.

It somehow went off my radar around the beginning of 2010.

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I got it in Summer 2013. It was hard to get M rated games before that for me.

Edited by Zello

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Failed Again

Just finished it recently..


Loved it..played rdr2 1st..

now I'm sadder though.. if's a tough loss.


In a lot of ways it's still better that RD2 which I LOVE.

Playing the after epilogue now in RDR2 I spend more time appreciating Beechers Hope. and I'm more patient with Uncle

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I knew about RDR since it's release in 2010 but i didn't have any console at the time. I was watching then RDR reviews and the game looked fun. After completion of RDR2 i knew i must play this game. It was one of the best decisions to bought PS3 only for this game. It really feel like a continuation of the story after RDR2 it's like part 2 to this game.

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