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Jerking For Soup

Reaper's Reflection

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Jerking For Soup

I reflected on the moments where I was on the top of the world, the time I had endless power, the day I had limitless influence. When dark temptation knocked, I answered the door. My final moments defined by the mark I branded on the world. Evil surrounded me and I revelled in it. I sat, surrounded by four walls impending the tragic inevitable, my hopes and dreams fading like the autumn leaves as time went on.

I didn't want to drown in a deep depression, even in my final moments, but even if I did nothing would ever change. The mark I left on the Earth will be greater than my presence itself. My legacy drenched in blood, a cold, hard reminder of my failures as leader of my own passions, and humanity itself.

Was it weakness, was it fear, was it the devil who changed my stride, who left me locked in eternal decline? Could I get more powerful from that moment forward? The time I walked in the fool's footsteps or the time the fool walked in mine?

I sit on my paper throne, crystal tears in my wicked eyes, like raindrops falling into the endless ocean, surrounded in an aura of fearful pride, my emotions uncaged like a lion in the wild. Who am I anymore? The pariah, the clown or the tyrant? All I know is that while I'm speaking, my life has come to a sharp, swift end.

Edited by Jerking For Soup

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Jerking For Soup



When I was younger, I'd always wanted to be an astronaut, to break expectation, to bring humanity to new heights. It was a childish fantasy that everybody told me I couldn't achieve, but I never stopped believing in it, even when challenged by my peers.

Years later, I achieved stardom, not among the Galaxy but across the world as we know it. My fame was rooted in the hearts of a nation, I was the moonwalker, every footprint symbolising a huge step forward for my future.

The life I had was what many would give limbs for, even murder for, and like an amputee, I lost my limbs and became helpless to what was happening to me, I could do nothing  but sit and stare at my own downfall.

Sitting on top of the world, my addictions seemed all too powerful. The devil's nectar, the devil's powder and ultimately his vices, is what decieved me into this downward spiral of hellish contempt. Affliction consumed me like a spider preying on a fly.

The evils of Lucifer invaded my heart, ripped open my soul and possessed me. I was not only being demonized by my closest friends, but by everyone. News coverage had my icon strapped to the forefront, even though it had my face, I could not save it from impending destruction. A national sweetheart, morphed into a public disgrace.

How was I supposed to maintain? The news showed my evils everyday, I was a public pariah. My career was all for nothing, just a memory in the minds of few. I reached the top, I want to end on the top.

I reflected on the moments where I was on top of the world...

Edited by Jerking For Soup

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Jerking For Soup



When I was younger I wanted to rule the world, give orders. My rule of the world was my idea of perfection, only possible through my actions. My parents loved who I was, who I wanted to become. I was a natural born leader who would lead humanity into a new era of great prosperity.

Once I became the leader for my nation, I wanted to create an Empire of my own rule, conquer, destroy, rebuild. Through my forces we invaded nations, coming out the victors every time. A new era that the history books would describe as one of man's greatest accomplishments, but instead, it was described as one of the greatest tragedies to ever curse mankind.

My failures and my accomplishment would cement my role in history, for better or for worse. Right now, my plans have failed and I have been pushed back into the walls of my own mind. My nation is in ruins.


I thought I was the hero, I thought I was humanity's saviour, not it's tyrant.

I reflected on the moments where I was on top of the world...

Edited by Jerking For Soup

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