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officer Tenpenny's quote After the firetruck crash [End of the Line]

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Sup readers, I want to say something about Officer Tenpenny.After the firetruck fell down from the bridge in ganton (grove street) after he got out of the truck, we all know he said "Come on assholes...." "I'll take you all! your mine, I'll run this town!" But let's come to the last words he said after these. "I took the trash out, I did!...and I'll do it all again." First of all I don't understand why he said this, I understand that he made LS a corrupted city when he said that he took the trash out but when he said "I'll do it all again." What does that even mean? had he pretended to die like this? and the way by how Carl tries to aim the gun at him which explains that Tenpenny pretends to play dead not to get shot by CJ (but Sweet told him not to do so since he's already dead) But the way I know the homeless stripped his body after the storyline but the last words Tenpenny said gave me a little goosebumps lol.

Edited by lil weasel

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lil weasel

It is called a "dying declaration". His last words on earth. Nothing more.

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1. He probably wasn't thinking straight. Dying people aren't known for their cohesion.

2. Things had obviously gone pear-shaped in Tenpenny's mind. Not only had Big Smoke been toppled, but Tenpenny had a big mess to clean up all over again. The very gang he had tried to quash was fighting fit. Aside from being an empty, dying threat, Tenpenny was probably delusional enough to believe he would not only recover from the crash and other life threatening injuries but go on to dismantle The Grove all over again.

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Reyiz Kovan


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he's confused lmao what would you say when dying in that situation?

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Ballas King

Apart from the ""CARL YOU MOTHAF***IN PIECE OF S*** GANGBANGING C***SUCKA!" Quote already mentioned, his dialogues while taking weed in Body Harvest was so hilarious , he was actually treating CJ like a party guest while introducing him to Truth XD....

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"ding ding ding ding, good answer carl!"

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I figured he meant he had no remorse for all his actions in the story like someone saying damn right I'd do it all again

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