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Things you would want in RDR Online


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Now I know there's a thread for things you don't want but i didn't see one for things you would like or do want. You could mention features from past multiplayer games Rockstar have done or your own ideas. RDR Online is probably going to be out within a month so i thought that hearing what things people would like there to be in RDR Online would be interesting.


I would really like for Hunting and the ability to sell what you kill to be a feature in the game, so you would have an option of hunting some elk or other animals and then you would be able to sell them off to nearby stores. 

I would also like the campfire thing from Red dead Redemption's online which had an ammo box to restore ammo and a dead eye box. I found it really useful as there was no need for me to refill my ammo via any other method. The ammo box could also spawn in hideouts possibly or maybe be an item you could purchase and carry on your person/horse. (Maybe implement a carry limit)

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Two things, really:


- For it to ...not change much. Sounds weird, but I mean in the sense of keeping everything built on a stable, consistent foundation - GTAO started off as 'open-ended GTA gameplay in the GTA V sandbox', but wound up more as 'criminal mastermind city ownership grindfest warzone thing 2018', with the only choices being 'play a game that hasn't really changed since 2015', or 'accept that it's no longer the same game'.


I'd like to see less stuff like the Maze Bank Foreclosures properties in RDO, and more stuff like Benny's - i.e., things that add to the map, but are features anyone can enjoy, rather than things where your place in the world gets increasingly rigidly-defined (everyone in GTAO is the same CEO/biker/warlord/spy/aviator/smuggler/socialite hybrid now, no exceptions). It's the difference between R* opening up Cluckin' Bell in Freemode, and R* saying "congrats - you're now a (criminal!) restaurant manager!". See what I mean?



- Likewise, they've said they want to make use of the 19th Century setting, and imagine it'll wind up being defined more by "morality and role-play" than GTAO - I'd like to see them really embrace that with the kinds of things they include/add. For instance, I'm not even bothering if the only outfit settings are 'like Arthur's, but less varied/interesting' - even GTAO's character creation/customisation, for all R* wasted the potential there, managed to let players be more than a less interesting knock-off of Michael/Franklin/Trevor.


They've hinted that players aren't necessarily outlaws by default, which is promising - so I really hope they add all kinds of stuff to let players really define who/what they want to be in RDO. Maybe some finely-dressed high roller, who spends most of their time enjoying city life (gambling, entertainment, drinking, etc.) - or perhaps someone who kits themselves out like a hermit, and disappears off into the wilderness to hunt and forage. I know some folk will be just fine with various flavours of 'generic gunslinger' as the only options (in terms of both gameplay and customisation), but there's so much room for more variety than that.



In general, I also hope that a lot of the interactivity and fine detail doesn't get scaled back for Online, compared to single-player - there's a lot of interesting-sounding stuff that ...frankly sounds a bit like it'll just get ignored after a while in the main game, because people will wind up focusing on the story. In RDO, with a less story-driven approach, though? That's arguably a better place to just go around 'existing' in the world, and getting to really poke and prod at all the fine detail at whatever pace people want - so it'd be a bit weak for a lot of that to be cut out of Online.

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- Poker tournaments - Sef explainitory 


- Hunters Bounty Tournaments - Each week have a tournament for wildlife kills. Be it : Biggest Bear, Total number of ( X ) animals , Most points on a buck ,Biggest Catfish , Or Biggest Game killed with a bow and arrow, etc. The catch is , you not only have to kill the animal in order to be entered, you must also get it back to a a town an get it tagged at the appropriate place. Each event would thus have to have differentiating size in animals . Give people a week to enter.


- Content Creator - I know this is a subject of soreness with many people. But just hear me out. The problem in GTA V Online was not the content creator. The real problem was simple : Rockstar failed to monitor and punish cheaters who used this awesome tool to create "trap matches" where only creator knew the special way to the weapons and then just slaughtered everyone in the match the entire time. This tool is an awesome tool that in reality , if managed well, could keep this game going and going for as long as the server stays up. What they must do however is :


            - Not make you finish a match in order to report it, if you start a match and see "its a trap" , then you pick quit , and when you pick quit during a match a pop up should come up right then , asking you " Why are you quitting this match?"  with an option to report it for being a cheating set up. 


             - Then Rockstar must act upon the reports ( yes im sure some will report out of spite). But in GTAV Oline in social club you could look up the layout of the match and where the guns where. They could look at that info quickly and decide. Then once finding it is a trap match, they ban the players ability to ever use content creator again. Basically lock that option out for that player. On top of that ban , perm ban them from online for a week .  I know they dont want to perm ban people because they might perm ban a big spender. So just lock these fools out of the ability to use content creator. 


I really feel this would help in several ways. 1 - It lets these fools know , they are not getting away with it and word of mouth will spread and people will stop doing it as they know they will be permanently locked from ever using the tool again. 2- People wont be as affraid to join user created content and thus those matches could fill up much quicker . 3- by number 2 , then more people will see there are some really good matches added to the game thru this content creator . I personally played numerous great ones made for GTA V by users. I hate seeing such a great tool be misued ,unpunished and then basically ruin it for about everyone. This tool can add so much to the game.



Video Editor - Hands down gotta have this.


- Burried Treasure Hunt Events - This would be where you might hear about someone in town as you pass by talking about how they " heard it was in the valley to the north by the old pump house" . Or you find clues in drawers , written on posters , etc. They could do Major hunts with 1 winner overall but much harder to find ( basically that take a lot of hunting to one clue leading to the next , to the next , to the treasure spot.) and Minor Hunts, not as in depth and 1 winner per lobby. I think this could be awesome fun.


- Duels - Simply put, challange someone else to a duel right in the middle of town ( or out in the wilderness) Winner takes 1 item from loser . 


- Dig for gold - Look there are mining shafts , we should be able to get a pick ax  , go to the mines and dig up some gold .Even if its only for events .



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I do enjoy most of the "Kingpin level" business mogul stuff in GTAO, and I hope RDRO has similar things, but I also hope they have (and continue to add) more low-key, low-stakes, low buy-in stuff to do as well. 

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Firstly, freedom. Real freedom to choose something or not without paywalls increasing to access missions or loot-box like research. Weapons and time limited stuff should be available to all, just be free for those the qualify, but for sale to the others. I get collectables are awesome, but if they auto ban folk by mistake, bye bye beer hats, uugh. Sooner buy them and they add a sh*t ton so we see good diversity in characters out there. Just want one horse and a lasso? Have at it. Wanna build an empire? Enjoy.


Variety. Lots of choices and options, clothing, character style options, horses too. Ranches, brothels, poker lounges, saloons, whatever we can think of from the time. So much potential if they just open more interiors and make towns more interactive all round. Rent, buy, work for, protect, become the town drunk, anything like that. Hell, become the town sheriff and allow us to do what we've wanted to do in GTA for years, be the law.


Balance. 'f*cking come and find me!!!' A common GTA:O complaint in many ways, but PvP should be far better thought out if businesses, freeroam missions/quests or other longer term progress is at stake, though I favour PvE and PvP to be split as they just don't mix. There's room, I'm convinced. (No blips flashing up when I'm in a post op van basically). But with balance comes a whole new game to me.


With that said, property and other such things, even businesses, everything and more can come and I'd love it, if they are done right. Nothing intrusive or grind driven, though I personally don't mind the plod of some on GTA building my game up. I liked the mix of 'making it' and frivolous game modes, versus or co-op. But it should be my choice more and not forced to access new content or game modes/missions like the MOC ones. But while all who is in game, allow for those that just don't want not have to. We choose how we play.


A lot of the above really can only work well if all is considered I feel as much ties in with other things. GTA:O became a mess, but I feel it shows great potential and with a 'better base' this could grow on that potential. And R* might think it'll compromise recurring spending. I dunno, but I say try it, lol.


 * Love the idea of Poker tournaments above though, that'd be awesome if this game became that interactive and competitive with R* doing their part on the social club to organise/help with this sort of competitive gameplay. Not just poker, hunting and more.


* Daily objectives. I liked them and they proved handy indeed early on.

Edited by Lonely-Martin
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1. Character creation similar to GTA Online's.


2. For R* to invest in dedicated servers for Read Dead Online. That would elminate most, if not all the glitches that plagued GTAO, and would assure everyone that Modders would never appear in Read Dead Online.


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Id like the option, to make/ have more then two characters. I still dont understand why gtav online has 5 or 6 character slots and you can only make 2

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well, honestly i don't even have the money to buy red dead redemption 2, yes 22 yo loser who is still living in his parents house.. hhahah but how i see things is..

rdr 2 is a so "calm" game you know, you could like ride your horse and go for ride in that map, foggy forests, calm creapy areas, its so chill. it gives me the feelings of alice madness returns or bully somehow, you are not forced to do anything and you gonna always find yourself calm in some romantic beautiful place with a gorgeous scenery that you can lost yourself in it tbh..

i don't want the online to ruin that. 

in gta online people from the moment they turn on the game, they are in high speed chase or killing each other.. gta online become like fortnite and its confusing..

rdr 2 is so beautiful and relaxing in my opinion, and i want that to be the case for rdr online too. 

i don't want it to be based on money at all, or competition "in free mode", however i really hope if it is a trade in online tho. and i want like all the players in online are in the same situation, all are outlaws running from law men, so likely the players will help each other out, and that feeling of tenderness is what i hope for, while that urge for always running away, for always trying to find an escape from the law men, meeting other players comeing from the same road as you and they warn you from some law men they encountered and probably are coming in your direction so you cancel all your plans and like you find yourself in urge to gather up with those players and see what happen next you know.. and probably meet more players in your way who had some hunting and they want to share with you, some of you will sleep others will watch, some will go alone for a ride to search for other players and let them know about your camp.. you know that feeling of family with complete strangers, that love and tinderness is what i want really in online, i want the rdr 2 online to feel warm, friendly and welcoming... i want to feel that moment "when dutch and arthur and that badass dude micah  first met sadie adler" in online ALL  the time and anything that will actually makes me feel something. 


i don't want R* to touch it with those cold and unmerciful and disgusting and emotionless buisnesses please.

i don't want R to treat the players in online like a dumb people and make an npc or a character tell us what to do like lester in gtaO, i want to discover my ways and explore in calm and feel things with other players.

if microtransaction is importnat to rockstar then they have to find ways to keep doing it but not the way it encounters and destroy all these experiences i'm talking about here.


and this is everything i can say for now, besides that i really really appreciate what rockstar have done and i'm so grateful that i live in a time with those great people.

well f*ck i wrote a newspaper here haha sorry, don't mind mistakes i'm just arab person passing by LOL

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On a less fundamental, more 'it'd be nice to have' note, one thing that could really help the game?




Particularly handguns - even RDR1 really only had a few, and only four revolvers. RDR2 doesn't seem to change that up all that much, with a whole lot of variants of existing gun disguising the reality that it's really just the same old 'Double Action, Schofield, Mauser, etc.' routine as the last game.


Probably helps that I've just come off a thorough run through Assassin's Creed Syndicate - that game has more than a dozen things, including a Beaumont-Adams, a Colt Walker, both the Lightning and Thunderer variants of the Colt M1877, some other early semi-automatics like the Bergmann Model 1896, and even the infamous pepperbox revolver (combining a very short range revolver, a foldout knife, and a knuckle-duster - !!) used by the French gang 'Les Apaches'.


Come to think of it, all R* needs to do is look up a bunch of real-life gunslingers, plus iconic Westerns, and add whatever isn't already in the game (which, again, gives them plenty of room to add stuff! ;)) - again, the Lightning and Walker would be high up on that list. And beyond that, some more well-used international guns - the Beaumont-Adams being one candidate, along with any period-appropriate model of iconic Webley revolver.



...oh, and it'd be good for R* to approach guns/horses/etc. with the benefit of hindsight, and implement RDO DLCs like they did last-gen GTAO DLCs - in other words, make sure that stuff that'd work just fine in single player gets added to single-player!! :harrumph: Can't complain about last-gen hardware holding the game back this time, after all!

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I want online to retain a majority of the stuff from single player such as all the RPG style elements, with the cooking, hunting, crafting, eating etc.


I don't want the game to really allow people to buy houses or "apartments" etc.  I'd rather it focus around being able to set up camp, in which you can set up camp almost anywhere you choose.  Camp would consist simply a tent where your bed and items are stored and a camp fire to cook, as well as a post for your horse.  You could also set up camp near other players to make one large camp where you all work together.


Strange as this sounds, but I wouldn't want the ability to kill each others horses.  Disable / weaken by injuring yes, but not kill outright.  This would force you on foot so you had to heal your horse again.  Unsure of how all this would work in the game...

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No Use For A Name

I don’t want some asshole griefer coming up and murdering my horse. 


We we need Horse Mutual Inurance

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Wildlife. And not simplified too much in general, compared to the single player experience. That's the most glaring thing about GTAO, imo, the "living world" stuff that is absent; random events and scenes that play out constantly in SP but are almost all absent from Online.

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I'm hoping RDRO has NPC friends/partners that you can interact with outside of just cutscenes, who do their own thing to some extent.

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All I want is purchasable property in Saint Denis (or purchasable property in general).

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Opening borders with Mexico. I want to see Tesoro Azul and Las Hermanas on ps4.

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I want them to keep guns and weapons simple. It already slightly worried me that explosive ammo for shotguns exist. If these are brought into online, please please no more than 3, shells at a time. If you want to resupply, you HAVE to visit a gunsmith. None of this buying from the interaction menu bollocks.


With auto aim, I want it to be not so snap and lock on, if that makes sense. Make it a bit looser. Make the player aim a bit more themselves. Yeah I know that's what free aim lobbies are for, but auto aim needs to be toned down.

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  •  I want to be able to not get grief killed by a 14 year old quick drawing mommy's credit card within 5 minutes of free roam.
  • Less cloud-time.
  • More open world NPC interaction (fence gear from a train robbery)
  • If properties return, a limit to the type and to encourage some role playing. 
    • Own a train? You are only a Train Baron.
    • Own a saloon? You are only a saloon owner.
    • Work for the sheriff? You are not a black hat five second later.
    • Etc.
  • MORE COOPERATION with players. 


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18 hours ago, E•MO•TION said:

All I want is purchasable property in Saint Denis (or purchasable property in general).

Along these lines, purchaseable property but only within cities, but the ability to pitch a tent a create a spawn point anywhere, so you can choose to live in the middle of nowhere.

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1. Explosive napalm ammo

Just imagine you're surrounded by tryhards that wears nothing but socks on his ding dongs, dozens of them, what you do? Go to the charlie the gunsmith and let him fill your desire to kill every men and women in the west and don't forget to say "daiii yaw facker daiii daiiii"


2.Hot coffee

Hey i know this game is good but it's not that great, cmon just riding horses on the west? Hot coffee minigame offers ya nerds some forbidden mini game, press analog up and down to thrust (or suck depending if you like brokefack mountain) even better R* should hire lezley zen kylie page or models from brazzers to fill the needs of these cowboys nerds, tears of joys and anal rupture will rain this game with scandals, oh and P.S if you're still living with your parents in your 30s play at night nerds play at night so you can fap and be forever alone yeeeeehhhaaaww 🤠


3.Fitness center

You gotta stay in shape to become an outlaw, shape it up at gym with treadmill benches weights elastic band etc 

all made from freshly killed beaver's nuts and wood



Let's be honest we need tanks, for what? So nerds can feel like they're king of the world while still a loser in real life, made especially from steel and horse's cameltoe that fires flames 



Ah yeah right it's wild west can't do that, unless if you like some brokeback ATM action baby 😂

ass to mouth yeehhhhhaaww deck the halls bauoyyy 🤠😂

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Player actions like pointing and waving etc.


The controls are pretty busy already though so don’t know how they’ll fit them in. 


Indeally I’d also like to try and alter the controller setup so that I can match as closely to gta as possible. I keep getting bounties when pressing r2 by mistake and shooting innocents!

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Just a few things.


The ability to purchase properties.


Extensive customisation options.


Some super expensive items and exclusive items, elitism really appeals to me in games. It makes the game feel more personalized or intimate to each individual.


In terms of gameplay, something similar to GTA:O - Open world and every man for themselves or posse's.


- Pat.

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I would love to see good anti-cheat in R* game for once...

other then that? 

- More story focused expansions. GTAO died because R* focused on making intentionally boring content (crates) and monetizing trolls. They made the most toxic community ever just cause "if they can't make money in game then that means they will surly buy SC"
- Better customization then in GTAO (ability to pick from only two themes was rly disappointing) 
- Bicycles, Balloons, maybe old car or two. But mostly fun weapons and outfits
- Less DLCs but better content. I'd rather get 2-3 big story dlcs with a theme then what they did to gtaonline... Id rather have huge heist dlcs, undead nightmares, Aliens vs cowboys then "logic to play the same recycled SP content for 5 years straight" 
- More strange encounters . Maybe something that activates only when you travel with a friend? 

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1.) Balanced combat

2.) Balanced combat

3.) Balanced combat

4.) Better clothing/customization options. I find it hard to believe that it wasn't a single fashion-forward person on the GTA dev team. There is no reason on earth that we needed that many f*cking ZUBAZ pants and camo print clothing...

5.) Balanced combat

6.) Balanced combat

7.) Better jewelry. R* dropped the ball majorly on jewelry in GTAO. Here's their chance to rectify that. Saints Row 2 did it better ten years ago. If I don't get some variation of Dutch's jewelry/pocketwatch and handkerchief, I'm gonna sh*t on something.

8.) Balanced combat

9.) Female character models without NBA small forward/power forward shoulders

10.) Balanced combat

Edited by We Are Ninja
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I don't know if it has been mentioned already, but I wouldn't mind some Rodeo mini games, or somewhere on the map to take part in some competitive Rodeo.


I would prefer it to be a freemode activity but I wouldn't be against having various Rodeo Adversary Modes.

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On 11/3/2018 at 6:38 AM, Piro said:

I would love to see good anti-cheat in R* game for once...


The highest of high fives

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Actually wanted: A hard limit on properties in each instanced game. 


GTAO is like everybody is a CEO/Gang/Biker/CIA Agent! Everybody owns an office in the same locations! Everyone is the star. Everyone is special if they just grind or buy shark cards. There are no stakes in GTAO. It is a true playground, but it is definitely not Criminal Underworld: Online.


GTAO squandered a lot of opportunities, but also made a lot of money by squandering said opportunities. 


If RDRO is (allegedly) emphasizing role playing....I'd like to see role playing. Which would require...portraying a role. Maybe it's only for the session, but you pick whats available or you're chosen to at least become part of a crew. Pinkerton Agent and Agents. Sheriff and Deputies. Saloon Owner and House Dealers. Braithwithe and Well Compensated Employees. It's ok to not be the center of attention. 


Maybe when you log on you're even given a loose narrative depending on faction. I don't know. It'd be more interesting than own many horses.

Maybe we'll just get real life WestWorld in twenty years and I can finally enjoy a well crafted multiplayer experience that isn't about griefing and buying crap.   

Edited by Waingro
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I hope that RDR Online will offer a lot of activities, where players can play together (not against) from its beginning (GTA Online heists were good addition, but they were released quiet late after launch).

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More guns. 


I’d especially like a new ‘musket’ category, specifically to cater to muzzle-loaded guns of all sorts. Think: a dragoon flintlock pistol, the Colt 1851 navy revolver, the LeMat revolver, the Brown Bess, a blunderbuss, and the Whitworth sniper rifle. Have the varying ammunition types being the standard ball, increased powder charge, minié ball, and scattershot. Minié balls greatly increasing range and accuracy, but only available on the long guns. Increased powder charge increasing damage but reducing accuracy, and available for all guns. And scattershot functioning like buckshot shotgun shells and only available in the Dragoon/Blunderbuss/LeMat.


on top of that, a good list of guns to add are the Remington model 95 derringer, Evans carbine, Sharps 1874, a 4 bore elephant gun [using its own ammo similar to RPGs in GTA], Webley double action, Colt model 1855 revolver carbine, Martini-Henry rifle, howdah hunting pistol, and the Kerrs revolver.

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