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A New GTA: SA Theory?

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(If you’re reading this, buckle up; cause crap is about to get real up in here!)
I have a strange theory/thought as to Big Smoke and CJ’s mother, and CJ’s arrival back to Los Santos after a solid five years living in Liberty City—“the east coast.”
        I noticed something whilst watching the third cutscene in the game—entitled “Big Smoke” (which is, of course, a short introduction to a friend, and future-foe in the game)—which is, when one thinks about it deeply, an obvious reference that Big Smoke was involved in CJ’s mother being murdered, and that later in the game, his becoming one of the primary antagonists in the end (yes, that “his” behind “becoming” was on purpose, as it is a correct way to express/explain one’s actions; however, it can be only used in a sentence from time-to-time).
        During the cutscene, the player can hear voices of CJ’s siblings talking about their late mother—prior to her death, of course—when being in rather sharp situations (for example, the part where one of CJ’s brothers, perhaps Sweet at a much younger age, says, “Quit it—Moms will hear!”). Thereafter, he picks up a chair, reminisces about bad times where his mother was still alive, until Big Smoke runs in, with a baseball bat.
         Firstly, I thought it was a bit bazaar that Big Smoke would have with him a baseball bat—what for? What possibly could’ve made him keep such a thing with him? And what was he doing in the kitchen? Eating? The house was very quiet, so no way could he have been eating, unless he stopped immediately when he heard CJ walking in...
         But, the main thing that made me raise my eyebrows was the fact that he wasn’t at CJ’s mother’s funeral—what the heck is that? That’s a signed, sealed, and delivered confirmation that Big Smoke was, indeed, the person that helped kill CJ’s Mother, and one of the main antagonists in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. God, even Ryder was at the funeral!
          Another thing: During the second cutscene in the mission Green Sabre, after CJ finds out that Ryder and Big Smoke were involved in the murder of CJ’s mother’s death, as well as CRASH, Cesar says, “Sorry esé, I heard a rumor and poked around.” First of all, who started that rumor? Did Sweet know about it? That’s why when CJ broke the news to Sweet when he arrived at the shootout between the GSF and the Ballas, Sweet simply said, “It doesn’t matter, man—you gotta get out of here. The cops gonna arrive any second”? Did Sweet know about Ryder and Big Smoke, the Green Sabre, as well as their involvement with CRASH, and wanted CJ to know about it, as well, so he told Cesar, and asked to not mention his name when telling and/or showing CJ? The answer is, simply, no. This is because, why would Sweet know that Ryder and Big Smoke would be meeting with CRASH as well as the Ballas at that specific moment? If Sweet did know about Big Smoke and Ryder, but not about their secret meeting with CRASH and the Ballas, he would’ve asked Cesar to simply tell him who were the Trojan Horses.
        And, it could not have been Ryder, unless he wanted to die; whistleblowing such information as to him and Big Smoke being involved in the murder of Brian and CJ’s mother, as well as being involved with the cops, and the Ballas—the sworn enemies of the Grove Street Families—is signing a death warrant. His name would be smudged, yet taboo, among the streets of Los Santos, and within the police documents regarding the GSF.
        The same reason is for Big Smoke, as he technically was the main protagonist, aside from Officer Tenpenny, in the storyline.
        Now, the only person who could have whistleblowed such information, thus creating rumors among the streets of Los Santos and their gangs, was Officer Tenpenny…………
        Officer Tenpenny wanted “the fat f*ck”—as he had called him—and Ryder to be erased.
        Another thing that’s puzzling is the fact that Officer Tenpenny was at Big Smoke’s Crack Palace—and arrived to where the late Big Smoke resided, to take all his money. Right in time to see Big Smoke dead, and his arch nemesis beside him. Yet, if CJ got there after Tenpenny did, then it would go the other way around; Tenpenny would’ve killed Big Smoke with the shotgun before CJ did—only for CJ to arrive at the scene, to see Big Smoke dead, and an empty safe beside him, which CJ presumed had money stored in. Thus, Officer Frank Tenpenny would’ve killed Big Smoke if CJ didn’t arrive in time, before Tenpenny. Tenpenny would’ve gotten the money, blown the whole crack palace up, shot down some busters, and left. And if CJ and Sweet arrived outside the crack palace after Tenpenny had run off with the drug money and fire truck, and thereafter plane he “had to catch,” Tenpenny would become a free man, and CJ, as well as the GSF, wouldn’t have that much respect, since he didn’t kill Big Smoke or Tenpenny.
~Peace out!😎
Edited by lil weasel
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  1. Smoke nearly attacked CJ not because he had a sudden hate for him, but because he thought he was a fool who picked the wrong house to rob.
  2. Sweet says at first that Smoke's betrayal doesn't matter as he's nearly dying and nearly all of his GSF homies are down. He had more important things to focus on.
  3. Ryder honestly doesn't care about GSF anymore after The Green Sabre. That's why he's seen cruising with the Ballas in his last 2 appearances.
  4. No offense, but wasn't it obvious Tenpenny was gonna cap Smoke? He literally came in with a combat shotgun just to wipe him out. Not only that, but he disrespectfully calls Smoke a "fat f*ck" after seeing his dead body. And let's not forget the main reason he's in the palace: to pry Smoke's cold hard cash from his dead hands.

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