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BRING BACK STREET RACING (open letter to Rockstar Games)


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Dear Rockstar,


First off, I am a long time fan of your series. Since childhood I have enjoyed the entire GTA series plus others.


Los Santos is a fantastic sandbox and I owe some of my best gaming experiences to you guys. However, there is one thing that upsets me and continues to do so and as such I have to speak about it.


Street racing in GTA online was one of the best features of the online experience. Full lobbies, people’s custom cars lined up on the starting grid for comparison, seeing all the sweet rides and neon lights, it all had a true Need For Speed feel to it, and that was before the race even started. Once it did, chaos was unleashed. Swerving through the incredibly realistic city (or countryside/ or any other awesome part of Blaine county), narrowly missing (most of the time) pedestrians, obstacles and other traffic, all while doing battle with your closest competitors. The racing was fast, fierce, competitive, and required real skill to navigate and react accordingly in such a realistic city at such pace. It was exciting, realistic and brilliant.


Then came…sigh….the ‘stunt races’. At first they did seem exciting, but as a gamer one quickly (instantly in the case of me and my friends) realises that the experience is basically the same every time. After an anitial struggle for position, you quickly find yourself alone, driving an enormous scalextric track in the sky, for a seemingly endless amount of time. There is no skill, and there is seldom excitement. You are either driving along a giant wide empty road, or floating endlessly through the air. Stunt races are boring, and anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know gaming.


They would have died naturally had it not been for the endless promotion of these boring boring races. Since their release, every few weeks Rockstar will promote them buy offering the double XP & $. I don’t remember a single promotion for the street races since the stunt races came out. It almost seems like a directed effort to replace the vastly more entertaining street racing. Street racing has died, or rather, it has been murdered. Any newbies joining will inevitably aid in filling the lobbies of these tragically boring events, because they don’t know any better and this is what is thrown in their face by Rockstar. They will have never experienced the joy of racing through the amazing city below. What a waste.


Rockstar, please bring street racing back. You have already engineered an amazing experience for gamers, please don’t be so insistent on everyone driving giant empty tracks through the sky when there is so much fun to be had below. Bring back street racing, other than shooting stuff, its what GTA is all about!

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