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[Sponsored Review] BenQ EL2870U 4K HDR


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Upgrading our setup into the 4K is still out of reach for at lot us, most of our users that go trough that expensive adventure venture into TVs for console gaming or work in a area which allows them to have or need the extra quality. EL2870U, a 4K HDR monitor from BenQ allows you to enjoy the world of 4K content at a lower cost. 

This monitor is perfect for someone who wants to use his setup for as many purposes as possible, as many of us do. In my case, I have two 22" monitors for when I'm using or playing on the pc, but use a TV for when I want to play on the Xbox One or PS4. Although this is an everyday solution that works just fine, it creates a lot of clutter 

on the desk. 







The EL2870U has 27.9 inches with a 16:9 ratio, and at 3840x2160 (limited at 60Hz) is more than enough to compensate using a single monitor. As for the console, it has two HDMI 2.0a ports, so it's easy and quick enough changing the source if I need to go back and forth. Other ports include a DP 1.4 a 3.5mm port and two 2w speakers, plenty enough for gamers that would use this monitor for both pc  and console gaming (Freesync supported) . The speakers are decent enough for casual browsing and work or if you need a rest from your headphones. (Check the full spec list at end of this post)




The coulor temperature feels right and comfortable (300 nits), and as for eye strain? Nothing at all, even after I've spent more hours using it than I'd like to admit! This monitor uses Brightness Intelligence Plus Technology (B.I+) from BenQ, a sensor in the bottom bezel detects the lighting in your environment and adjusts the monitor's settings accordingly if you choose to use it. It does use a TN panel, so it does changes a bit depending on the angle, but unless you're moving your head around looking for it you will most likely never notice it at all. (More info on B.I+ here)



Setting it up is very straight forward, along side the monitor there are two pieces for the stand, plus a HDMI cable (1.5m), the cord (also 1.5m) for the internal power supply and a CD with the user manual and drivers.


The design is simple and robust, some articles refer to it as bulky, but to be honest I haven't payed that much attention to it as I've been too busy enjoying the picture quality. The matte bezels finish also prevents you from spotting it if you happen to turn on the lights in the room.
There's only one visible button that can be used to toggle HDR and B.I+, the other six buttons are hidden below the bottom bezel, allowing you to use the On Screen Display menu. A good deal of tweaking can be done on this monitor, although it will fit most users out of the box

as it is. 


Clicking any of the five OSD buttons will open the main menu. The first option gives you the Low Blue Light menu, for brightness presets, the second one is for Picture mode, third one is your source menu, the fourth one is an expanded menu with Eye Care modes and other tweaks like sound and system settings.


The stand only allows to tilt back and forth but it does have support for aftermarket brackets (100 x 100mm VESA), the one provided is heavy and sturdy enough to support it safely. 


As far as consuming media is concerned, you'll start being picky and avoiding 1080p like the plague, and also re-watching everything you've seen to date but on 4K now.  


Playing Grand Theft Auto V on this monitor at 3kx2k is something else, even in vanilla, transforms it into a new game. I've spent a good time (lets just leave it at hours) walking around in first person, noticing details I've never noticed before. If you want to go a step further, install some
of the graphic mods you can find here at the forums, and you might find yourself looking more at scenic views and playing less. If you only play on console, make sure to try some games that support 4K to fully utilize this monitor.


The only competitive game I play is America's Army, where the size and 1ms response of the EL2870U made a huge difference. It won't necessarily make you any better but you certainly look a lot prettier when getting shot at. No more random blobs in the corners either, it has now recognizable body parts you can aim at.


Some demos, all recorded on a Galaxy A5 2017 plus Youtube compression:

GTA V: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HGXGtrf0c7w

GTAV, different angle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYewbgQ02iQ

Youtube 4K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkwxjejaAT8

Youtube 4K: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7RHiEE1B3c

Speakers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4N-T6uYFRYY


If you are interested in finding more about this monitor, here are some places to do so: Official websiteAmazon UKAmazon US and Amazon Australia


Thank you to BenQ for sending this monitor to GTANet!


Full spec list:

Screen size


Panel Type


Backlight Technology

LED backlight

Resolution (max.)




Native Contrast (typ.)


Viewing Angle (L/R;U/D) (CR>=10)


Response Time

1ms (GtG)

Refresh Rate


Aspect Ratio


Display Colours

1.07 billion colors

Colour Gamut

72% NTSC

Display Area (mm)

620.9 x 341.3



DCR (Dynamic Contrast Ratio) (typ.)


Colour Bit

10 bit


Built-in Speaker


Headphone Jack


Product Colour

Metallic grey

Colour Temperature

Reddish/Normal/Bluish/User mode

K Locker


OSD Language

18 Languages (English / Francais / Deutsch / Italiano / Espanol /  Polish / Czech / Hungarian / Romanian / Nether-lands / Russian / Swedish / Portuguese / Japanese / Chinese / S-Chinese / Arabic/ Korean)



VESA Wall Mount




Eye Care
Flicker-free Technology


Low Blue Light


Brightness Intelligence Plus (B.I.+)


Video Enjoyment
Smart focus


Super Resolution





HDMI (v2.0)x2


DisplayPort (v1.4)x1

Voltage Rating

100 - 240V

Power Supply


Power Consumption (on mode.)


Dimension and Weight
Dimensions (HxWxD mm)


Net Weight (kg)


Gross Weight (kg)


Tilt (down/up)

-5˚ - 15˚





TUV Certificate

TUV Flicker-free, TUV LBL




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