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If you could remove a section of the story, what section would it be?

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Posted (edited)
36 minutes ago, Miamivicecity said:

I did and couldn't bare to finish it even once (Not joking or trolling. I've never actually finished it, but completed GTA III and Vice City a couple of times each) yet despite GTA IV's long length I've finished it 11 times. Will be 12 once I'm finished with my current save.😉


It is almost the perfect story (by GTA standards) and wouldn't take much tinkering. If anything some parts could be fleshed out like the PBX and Dwayne conflict to even make it a tad longer. I love long stories that stretch out their main plot points which is why I feel GTA IV's story is such a resounding hit with GTA fans generally.

What I said above is how I felt playing IV. There are always exceptions in everything and you have a pretty rare opinion when it comes to SA. 


I actually agree. I wanted the Dwayne/PBX missions to be more since they were something different and were more relates to the Holland area projects and felt somewhat "different" and unique in comparison to the rest of the game but they unfortunately weren't longer. 


To my experience I liked the "entire" Broker, Bohan(even Manny missions). I liked The PBX/Dwayne missions. I liked the entire diamond related missions. I liked the Packie/Francis missions and Francis specifically was awesome for me because there were unique ways to complete them and play around with. And I LOVED LJ missions. The Game was PHENOMENAL until Algonquin. It starts to slip slowly after that. 


But what I didn't like were

-most of ULP missions(except one with Jacob in the helicopter)

-Derrick missions

-Some of Gerald's missions that weren't related to diamonds

-Jon Gravelli

-Jimmy Pegorino

-Phil Bell

-Bernie Crane


Keep in mind that the above characters are mostly well developed characters and I don't have issues with the characters themselves. It's just that the missions didn't have anything significant in design or culture that made me feel like "yeah. I'm exploring something new". "I'm playing something unique". Bernie missions ironically seem like pointless to me and instead R* should have given us the option to hangout with him. 


I want the GTA games to explore different cultures in the map they take place and also have new gameplay material and unique mission design to show me. I felt like IV didn't explore LJ/Badman and basically the Jamaicans enough. It didn't explore the Northern Holland projects enough. (I was expecting some good representation based on Harlem IRL and the movie "American Gangster" and it also explored the two most boring Mob Bosses(IMO). I would Love to see the Ancelottis but we never see them. Instead we get a sh*tty pegorino family and a powerful guy who is now in the hospital. Add the lack of concentration on the Russians and Bulgarin missing to these and you pretty much understand my frustration. 


So midway through the game IV doesn't have interesting new lifestyles in LC to show me. It has run out of new gameplay elements due to being limited in this category and the mission design is still similar to the beginning. The three important factors in plot/mission structure were missing for me from halfway through the game and by the time we got to Alderney they were non existent. 


Once again one of the reasons SA is my favorite is due to how different the mission designs are. How quickly the game switches location before you get bored and Ironically explores each location to it's full potential in such a short time!

Edited by TheSantader25

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Each to their own. Lets not turn this into GTA IV vs San Andreas because it's obvious where we both stand there lol.


I wont go over everything, but now you mention it I too would've liked some more missions with LJ because he's such a cool rasta. Truthfully while I love the diamonds plot I think this could've been slimmed down to allow for some more focus on some of the other subplots and let them grow. 

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