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Hello I am currently playing GTA v . Rockstar messed up and are using an old model for Acuiring money. With every update they  should of gotten better at creating a more balanced and realistic experience. More ways of getting money and in less time should of been made available because we are suppose to be more efficient as time goes by and because the game is low in player base currently. the nightclub dlc is something rockstar may have paid too much in advertising in because of how outdated it is. The night clubs requires actual players to visit a location and spend gta money in it in order for it to be a successful one. But that  require people to be entertained by what is inside the night club(other people need microphones and need to be social/talkative) you can see this by looking at the bottles you can buy at the bar. I hope they don’t  drop another GTA unless they  able to put it out with unheard music (world premieres) or a full North American map with Canada. Next gen consoles will probably be  the last consoles in the line up. Unless rockstars team can make it where the physics are life like for the next game they’ll be more behind in the gaming world then “unique” as a game.

 Rockstar  are behind in time. What they are putting out is outdated.by now they should’ve came up with ways to keep a person coming back to the online portion. 

ONline mode should make you want to live  in the game and it should make you feel you need to aquire funds or talk to people and socialize for a even more strategized way of moving up the Ranks of wealth. You should be able to hear your name being said across the whole world of gta v due to ur street credit or just business man mentality or stable clan. You should be able to become a actual rockstar in a way. 

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Welcome to the forums, this section is for discussion of the series as whole - if you want to talk about a specific entry in the series, please use the relevant subforum; there's plenty of threads in those for this kinda of thing :santa:




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