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Honorable or Dishonorable


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Hi, Since waiting time is nearly at end, I got myself to wonder if I am going to be honorable or dishonorable for my first playthrough.

And honestly I can't tell, mostly due to fact that I didn't have the chance to play first RDR and honor mechanic is kinda big unknown for me.

I understand that your actions have impact on world and obviously pros and cons, the question is how much?

Is it better to go full good guy and bad guy? Because my original intention was to go with my guts depending on situation, who am I dealing with and how I feel about it at the moment... but if it's like, lets say Mass Effect 2, where you have advantage for going full paragon or renegade, I would definitely go for one or the other. For immersion reasons, I would prefer the first option tho. What you think guys? And just out of curiosity, will you be a Vigilante or El Bandito? Thx... :)  

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Hatin Since 87

Whatever feels natural. Never worried about the honor meter, kill who I feel I need to. If looting bodies effects honor than I’m sure I’ll be dishonorable. They’re already dead, they don’t need it. 

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Going to be honorable the first play through.  Accidents will occur as they did in RDR1, but honorable mostly the first time.  

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With story, I'll probably have more than one save, but I'll play honourable on the first play then the opposite.


With online, dunno. Probably more good than bad but trophies or awards etc might see me be naughty too. ;)

Edited by Lonely-Martin
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I'll be playing honourable my first playthrough because I beleive it'll be more benefitial to Arthur (I.e gang members willing to help you more or give you more missions, NPCs give you loot/money, etc.) 

But I can't lie and say playing dishonourable has a way bigger appeal because of the badassness.

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Honourable mostly. I'm sure there will be times where I can't help myself. Like that guy hanging on to the cliff in the gameplay trailer. I'll be watching to see how long he can hold on for.

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Usually I play Honorable (the good guy) in most games. But with RDR 2, first play trough, playing as Arthur I plan on playing both Honorable and Dishonorable depending on the situation. Arthur as far as I can tell lends himself perfectly for that play style. We all know he can be pretty bad but probably/hopefully has a good site to him as well. Really can't wait to discover all the random encounters and the choices that comes with it for the first time. 

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Probably honorable at first. In the red dead redemption, i was honorable as john marston but in this one, i will probably be dishonorable on my second play through or maybe even a mix of both. Let's say a certain person is annoying, I might accidentally let off a shot which might accidentally kill someone....

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I’ll do whatever fits Arty’s character. They haven’t revealed much of anything about him as a person, so I don’t know what will work for him. If he’s written and depicted a cold man that does whatever he wants, then I’ll play dishonourably. If he’s a lovable rogue-sort; someone that is an outlaw more out of necessity rather than a desire to be evil, then I’ll play him honourably. 

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According to Arthur's development throughout the story, I'll be an evil son of a bitch in the beginning but will become honorable towards the end so Arthur would find his redemption. 

Edited by TheSantader25
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I feel like with the first game, John was a reformed outlaw, so it made sense to be honorable. With Arthur in this game, he's deep into his gang life so it makes more sense to be dishonorable. I'm still hesitant to be more cruel because I don't want a bounty on my head for most of the game. If I could find ways to be more dishonorable without accruing a large bounty, I'll do it.


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Cutter De Blanc

I"m gonna be a real sonofabitch piece of human sh*t but with a heart of gold


Situational ethics I suppose.

No doubt I'll end up on the dishonorable side. Gotta have them gruesome killcams

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My first play through will be completely pragmatic.


I do intend to go down honourable and dishonourable routes in subsequent play throughs though.


This will probably be combined with a clean shaven, well dressed Arthur when playing honourably and Arthur looking like a f*cking beast, fully grown out hair and beard, covered in blood, dirt and sh*t when playing in a dishonourable way.

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im going the anti hero route so i guess ill kill whoever deserves it and help the people who dont deserve it

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I always play honorable, first, second or tenth playthrough.

Mostly because there never seem to be a point to dishonorable acts in videogames.


But if they did push NPC interaction as far as all the previews suggest, this might change, I'm definetly considering a dishonorable 2nd playthrough and play a bit more like say The Cowboys gang in Tombstone.

Edited by The Algerian
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Always thought it was kind of weird to have a honor system In a game where you play as an outlaw. I'll still love the game for sure but won't it be weird for you guys who want to play honorable to rob a bank and then kill countless lawman?

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I am going to do the Robin Hood thing.

I am going to end any rich people and give to the poor/camp. will probably end up balancing my character out in the first quarter of the dishonourable bar. 

RIP Rockstar Games

1998 - 2021




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I'll just lean to whatever side the story makes me feel like Arthur is leaning to. Most likely honorable if I had to guess.

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I imagine that I'm going to play Arthur pretty coldly during heists and such. Probably going to kill those witnesses. 


But definitely come off as a pretty decent person to most people. I'm going to try to play Arthur as still operating under the pretense of not wanting to screw over everyday people. 

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I'm a good guy and I always play in the good side on the first playthrough, and then I will try another playstyles in subsequent playthroughs.

Currently playing Polybius

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16 hours ago, Hatin Since 87 said:

Whatever feels natural. Never worried about the honor meter, kill who I feel I need to. If looting bodies effects honor than I’m sure I’ll be dishonorable. They’re already dead, they don’t need it. 

Basically this, though i might go full murder depending on the rewards for being dishonorable or the opposite if being honorable has good rewards too. Also I hope npc's ridicule you for "disrespecting the dead" like in AC 2 lol.

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I'll be rather neutral I guess. I won't do things Arthur wouldn't do, like just ride into a town and gun down innocents. If someone threatens, shoots at me or calls the law on me, they're done. 


If I see random people out in the world, I'd help them. If I see other outlaws out in the world, I'll shoot them if they try to act tough. If I see a nice house, I'll steal everything in it and if I get caught I shoot my way out of trouble.

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hmmm seems like there will be more good guys than bad ones, at least for the first playthouth that is... :D 

I will probably do the same, mostly good guy but if some one will try to fork with me or someone from the gang, they are as good as dead. I will also take Arthur's character in consideration as story progress, didn't think about it till some of you pointed that out... thx.


I believe that R* designed it to be like this for maximum immersion and if we decide what to do on the spot instead of going full good or bad, we will enjoy the interactions even more and the whole experience will be more unique... and I like it.


I am also looking forward to just fool around occasionally and shoot everything that moves and cause havoc, just to see how long I can stay alive, just like in GTA... than load last save like it never happened. :D  

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