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A mod for the 25'000$ payment for The Truth?


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Hello everyone!


I'm new to modding. I'm interested in having more realistic prices in GTA: San Andreas since you become very rich very quickly and by the end of the game you have hundreds of thousands of dollars, which can't be used for anything. I've already used the tutorial on this site to make the property/weapons prices more realistic.


I remembered that in the mod Things To Do In San Andreas 'Till You're Dead you had to have at least 25'000$ before the mission "Are you going to San Fierro?", which you then paid to The Truth. TTDIS isn't compatible with other mods I have installed and I don't like some of the changes that TTDIS makes.This is why I looked for a seperate mod that only allows you to start the mission "Are you going to San Fierro?" if you have at least 25'000$ and then deducts that amount from you at the end of the mission.


Is there a mod which already does just this that I haven't found? If that's not the case, from what I've seen I think it would not take a lot of time for somebody who knows how to script to create it. In return, I have made a main.scm with more realistic property prices which I have researched with data from the years 1992-2000 from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Because of work, I'd prefer not to have to spend many hours to learn scripting from scratch for what I think seems to be a very small modification.

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Problem solved: I just found out that the Storyline Enhancement Mod forces you to pay 10'000$ for the mission "Are you going to San Fierro?".

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