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can i influence my bunker's value to grow?


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so long as i have my supplies will the value go up at a set rate whether I'm doing jobs or just standing there idle? or if im doing jobs instead of standing around will it increase more? haven't been able to figure it out or find an answer, idk if anyone knows. thanks !

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The bunker only produces whenever you are in free roam, and only in free roam, doesn't matter if you are doing an activity there or not, as long as you are there, it will produce.

And it will always produce at the same rate, unless you purchase the enhancements that make it produce faster permanently.

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The above post is wrong, supplies turn regardless of where we play in GTA:O. Missions/heists/modes/races/freemode, all build product so long as the job lasts 7 minutes with staff/equipment upgrades, or 14 minutes without.


And if you start a contact mission, you can plod about/idle for as long as you want, each 7/14 mins that passes, product goes up. But if the mission lasts less than the 7/14 mins, the supplies will go down, but that little bit of progress on the next 'tic' is lost. It's possible to do missions too quickly all afternoon and no progress made, but supplies used/near used up.


Hope I made sense. Enjoy.

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hmmm well I'm kinda confused now, im sorry. and I have purchased both staff and equipment upgrades already.


so basically will i earn more money if I spend an hour chilling in my bunker or doing jobs? Or will i get the same amount of money regardless?


and if the value of my stock does go up more while doing jobs, from what you're saying I am better off spending an hour doing survivals which are guaranteed to last more than the 7 min (or whatever time threshold) as opposed to spending an hour doing other jobs that might not last the 7 mins?


im trying my best to figure it out on my own lol but the numbers I'm getting aren't consistent sorry 

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