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The Missionary Gazette [The Unofficial DYOM Publication]

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The news from around the DYOM world, many doens't know all about that, now introducing, The Missionary Gazette! The newspaper for all! DYOM users or even designers! Or even non-users! It's really for everyone! Not protecting anybody! True and loyal service only! The Missionary Gazette!

Edited by SkyGTA_User

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The Missionary Gazette

October 15 2018 Publication


The 127th

Mission of the Week or MOTW already put up its topic! The 127th MOTW is hosted by VikingEVM, a really skilled designer who won in the last MOTW with another skilled designer GKHEAT, with percentages of 0-100 with only 3 voters. The topic was locked with Target13 (the host) saying "Viking has two days to host the next contest" which means VikingEVM, the current host, must only host the 127th MOTW for 2 days since the last MOTW delayed. Well numbered, Go now! Design, Share, and Play!


Pain of Corona G

"If you get hurt, you don't feel anything, but if something happens to your families, your heart feel the pain." This is what Tre's father said to him in the introduction of GKHEAT's new mission pack 'Niggaz In The Hood'. The protagonist, Tre Johnson is from El Corona, Los Santos, but shortly after his father's death in a gang war, he emigrates to Liberty City with pain. Just like the story of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, he gets back for his hood, we don't know, maybe for revenge. Since today, it still has 2 missions, Home Sweet Home and New Day, respectively. It's just a beginning after a new ending, he still feels the Pain of Corona G.


A new crew is coming through

This is the amazing poster quote of Jimmy_Leppard's new mission series, Sweep Squad. The story was very good, and really must take many action. The protagonist, Brian Hendrix and his crew is a new generation robbers, which is an attempt to pay their debt to their boss, Bruce Gallacher. The debt was 40 million dollars, to make things more complicated, he gave the crew 10 days to return their debt any way they can. It's a very hard job to do, right? How can they do it? The question will be answered through the long lasting walk of the story.


retrieved 10/15/18 PHT, 5:10 PM, don't distribrute/

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