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Best overall 2 + plane/jet ?


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I am considering of buying some 2 people or more jet/plane in future.


Currently I own only Seabreeze, because of the ability to land on water. It has 2 seats...


Any opinions ?

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You already got the best civilian 2-seater in the game.


If you are looking for more civilian aircrafts, take a look the Nimbus & the SuperVolito.


The Nimbus is a sleek private jet. Fast, attractive, reasonably priced & it's on sale this week.


The SuperVolito (regular one) is one of the fastest helicopters in the game & you can spawn it via SecuroServ. Also on sale this week.


The downside to both is that you can't use Passive mode in them.



If you're interested in Weaponized aircrafts, the Pyro is the way to go.


The Rogue is a flying arsenal, but it's not for the faint of heart. That bad boy requires skills.

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I hate questions like this. Can you be a little less vague please? People are reeling off a huge list of different vehicles because nobody has any idea what you want to use it for.

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I bought the Nimbus finally this week with the Elitas discount. Happy to have it! Love the luxurious interior with champagne and web browser, and it looks sleek on the outside as well.


And I agree with @whywontyoulisten, you should be more specific.

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I would go with pyro or rogue, both seat two people, agile enough to avoid jet cannons, and come with weapons and chaff/flares if needed.

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