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Best car for free roam/races

R* lover

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Depends on about a million different factors. What will you use it for? What other vehicles do you own?


For newbies, I’d say the Kuruma is good if you want versatility and protection. But it sounds like you want a (non-armored) super. I’d go for the XA-21, T20 or Tempesta. I often like using all different kinds so it’d make little sense naming all of them.


But I’d never sell any of those three. Especially not the XA-21.


Edit: Search topics, your answer is on here somewhere, and the question’s been asked a thousand times.

Edited by Dr.Rosenthal
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I just want it to run around on free roam and play some personalized races, i almost only have the kuruma.

What do you think about this web, according to it the best car is the overflod autarch?

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The Vagner is great for winning races. Not very fun to use in free roam though, in my opinion.


You can’t really say you want ”The BEST car for racing AND free roam” because those two are very different things and cars behave differently on them. But the Vagner is great. Buy the Vagner. It’s not super expensive either.

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1 hour ago, R* lover said:

There is not a car that is the BEST?


Edited by SpatchCock
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If you like them, go ahead and buy the one you like the most. They’re both capable and on par with the best.

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15 minutes ago, R* lover said:

Then which is your favourite car? I like T20 and 811, are a good option? 

You can't go wrong with the T20, it too is a good all rounder, sounds and looks awesome but it will struggle in races unless you can drive good. I don't like the look of the 811.


I don't have a favourite car, as such, but if R* took away all my vehicles bar one, I'd want to keep the Nero Custom. Or maybe the Viseris...or the Swinger...or the Pariah or maybe.....you get the idea.



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Objective best, no opinions:



Super - Vagner. RE-7B comes close but with lower top speed, this makes Vagner a much better choice.

Sport - Pariah - nothing comes close thanks to it's ridiculous, probably bugged, top speed. It killed this class.

Sport Classic - Turismo Classic/Cheetah Classic are almost the same

Muscle - Dominator PW/Yosemite/Sabre Custom all more or less on pair

Coupe - Zion/Zion Cabrio

Sedan - Schafter V12

Compacts - Brioso RA

Moto - Shotaro/Haku Drag and BF400 for offroad.

Offroad - Kamacho or Trophy Trucks but doesn't matter because BF 400 can be used and it's much better than these.

SUV - Contender

Vans - Gang Burrito. Rumpo Custom is close but with lower top speed, it makes Burrito a better option.


Maybe you should add Tropos/Comet Safari or Flash GT for rally races because they have much better grip offroad.




+ able to survive a lot of explosions !!!!

+ quick acceleration

+ ok top speed

+ modifications don't require bunker research or MOC workshop like with Insurgent Custom

+ no special icon on map (like with Insurgent) so people won't expect armored vehicle untill they see it coming at them

+ tow hook, for whatever reasons but always something

+ smaller size so it can go where Insurgent can't

- weak machine guns


Everything else is up to you, someone may say "X is good too or Y is good" but thats opinon, I give facts.

Edited by Darekl92
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LSSA Venom971

I love using the Schafter V12 around the city. Great top speed, 4 seater, looks slick asf imo and that sound! 😵 I think it's the best value vehicle in the game all-round for $116,000! 

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LSSA Venom971
4 hours ago, Dr.Rosenthal said:

@LSSA Venom971 I agree! Though I have one caveat with the V12: it’s absolute sh*t when it’s raining.

I love it when it’s raining. Is good if you can control it. Makes it more of a challenge to drive, and I love that :) 

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Vagner is it. It's the best. That's what you want to know. /thread


In free roam my favorite car is my Pariah. Vagner is still the best.

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