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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories's Stories: Enhanced HD Black Edition


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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories's Stories: Enhanced HD Black Edition



A 2PacSerbia Production


The year is 1991. Tommy Vercetti rules Vice City. However, that's about to soon change. Auntie Poullet, leader of the Haitian gang is out for Tommy's blood after he destroyed their drug lab. Can she take back the city from Vercetti's rule of iron fist adn lead the Haitians to an age of glory? Find out!





GUEST_bdf773f4-6d67-47a2-9016-41e3c4c38bMachine Pistol

water_guns_blue_single_lr.jpg?_t=1832181Assault Rifle


Nerf-Super-Soaker-Hydro-Cannon-review.jpRocket Launcher


Some of the vehicles featured in the game:



More info coming soon, stay tuned!

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Chapter 1

Mission 1: Flashbacks and Stuff

The game starts with Auntie Poullet taking a huge dump. When she's done, she looks at a photo of his late husband, Uncle Poullet who was killed by Tommy (he was the "cowardly sniper" in the Cuban mission where you steal the van). Then she goes Hulk mode "I'm gonna kill Tommy Vercetti" she says. Then you get a call from Cayden (a haitian) who asks to be dropped off at the pizza place. Cayden is the liutenant of the Haitians. You get in your pimped out Voodoo Special XXL Limited Edition and drive him there. After you get there, you get a call from a mysterious man who's totally not Umberto to meet him in an alley near Cuban territory. End of mission.


Mission 2: Beginning of an end

You go to the alley where you were told to go and meet the man who, surprise, IS UMBERTO! He says he heard about you wanting to kill Tommy, so he offers a truce between the Haitians and the Cubans. Even though Tommy helped him wipe out the Haitians, he still agrees to help you kill him, because reasons. Unfortunately, the meeting is disrupted by the Golfer Sharks (the combined form of the Golfer and Shark gangs that formed around 1991 and own a huge chunk of Vice City). Umberto gives you a pistol (FIRST WEAPON GET!) and you and him fight the Golfer Sharks. After you kill them all, you tell Umberto that you'll talk with the haitians, and he'll talk with the cubans. MISSION END.


Mission 3: Special Deliveries

There's now a truce between the haitian and cuban gangs. You have to deliver your powders (they think it's drugs, them stupid) around Little Havana. Around the third delivery, the popo gets hot on yo' ass. Now you have to deliver the remaining powders while having a 2 star wanted level. After you delivered them all, return home and the mission ends.

REWARD: 1069$


More coming soon! :)

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Looking forward to the teaser/trailer video. 


A nice selection of weapons to use and Vice City confirmed for next generation, plus the mobility scooter as part of the Gold Edition is sure to attract a lot of attention. 

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