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GTA San Andreas Tips: How to Stay Healthy

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Who doesn’t know the famous legendary games Grand Thief Auto San Andreas or can be known as GTA San Andreas? This legendary game has an open world genre that means doesn’t limited by any mission to be resolved. I am sure that many of us is including this game’s fan, and if you also one of the fans of this game, i have some tips and tricks that can helped you to winning this game.


1. How to Stay Healthy during the Game


CJ, the main character of GTA San Andreas need to be always healthy and fit during the game. To keep the CJ’s health, you can get the carbs, and must doing a fitness to keep CJ’s body fit. 
To make CJ doesn’t loss his weight, you have to feed him at least once every 48 game hours. Beside that, you can visit any gims all over the state and doing a lot of work out there. By doing fitness, you can increasing CJ’s power that absolutely will help him to win a fight againts other enemy. 


2. How to deal with Weapons


Weapons become one of the most crucial thing when you play GTA San Andreas, this is because weapons will be used to stay survive during this games and againts enemy. CJ’s will get better at the weapons that he have by alwys use them. So, make sure he always use the weapons and get along with it. 


3. How to increasing respect level


Respect level can be very crusial for CJ, because when they deal and face to face with the enemy or police or simply other people, they will judge CJ by its appearence to determined their respect to CJ, if you want to increasing their respect, try to looking for some proper clothes by heading into various clothing shops around San Andreas to buy them and by that CJ’s respect level will be increasing.

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lil weasel

I would say, nonsense.

1. Normal saving keeps him fed. Fatten a little before Taxi.

2. Nothing special.

3. Acquired during normal mission play.


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6 hours ago, lil weasel said:

I would say, nonsense.

1. Normal saving keeps him fed. Fatten a little before Taxi.

2. Nothing special.

3. Acquired during normal mission play.


Sound advice as always from lil weasel.  A few addendums, 

1.  Fatten CJ up before any vehicle side missions to avoid any health losses from hunger.

2.  Ammo is more important than the weapon.

3.  Dispatching Crack Dealers is the easiest method of building cash, ammo, and respect.


Body Armor, learn the locations and keep it at maximum to effectively double health.  Vending machine are a quick way to replenish health particularly during gang wars and during the reuniting the families mission.

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The only one I'll actively disagree with is number two, and even then it's nothing severe. There are at least two occasions during the storyline where you'll lose every weapon you have, not including times wasted/busted. The first is when you're taking to the countryside (The Green Sabre), and the second is during a helicopter crash in San Fierro (The Da Nang Thang). This is unavoidable, regardless of what you do, so don't be too precious with your weapons at these points in the game. Instead, learn the map so you can pick up the weapons you prefer/are proficient with as soon as possible. Spending money on guns in a pinch is fine because the game practically throws dollar bills at you, but you'd fair better plotting a route so you can pick up guns for free.


Respect is a fairly useless attribute - there's not many missions which lock you out because of a low respect rating, and even then you'll gain a healthy amount during normal play, certainly enough to avoid any progress hiccups.

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