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Only Using Nightclub for Garage Space?


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If I just want a nightclub so that I can have extra garage space, do I have to do any missions or will I get even more phone calls (I already get many calls and prompts begging me to buy a nightclub)?


I just want to make sure that I can let my nightclub die quietly and not be bombarded with even more intrusions into my gameplay, further breaking my immersion.

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Lazlow will bitch at you occasionally but otherwise I think you're good. You can block all players from the club and remove all NPCs too.

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Guest Member2756931

Don't you have to do the set up missions before you can use the garages? It's been a while since I did it but as soon as I entered I'd get the cutscene and have to go pick up staff and grab the party bus, then get the DJ... best part of 30 minutes to an hour.


Lazlow is the only call really, which basically replaces the call from Tony you're probably getting about buying the club in the first place.

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The two characters on my J-Scott-D account both have nightclubs, all of the garages and the Terrorbyte/Terrorbyte garage. I did not buy the business part of the Nightclub.


I never did the set-up missions and I have access to my Nightclub garages. 


I get a "What's the hold up?" text from Tony and sometimes a phone call from Lazlo when I first log on, but that's it. 


When you want to start up your Nightclub, just go to the computer in your Nightclub office to start it. 

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No Use For A Name

If you’re only using it as a garage, don’t get the security upgrade unless you want your car collection view obstructed by a rent-a-pig

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