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After GTA IV

Bratva Assassin

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Bratva Assassin

I’m here with a GTA IV fanfiction. This fanfiction takes place in Liberty City ten years after the events of GTA IV in 2018. This fanfiction also takes the kill Playboy X option, kill Derrick option, and Revenge ending into consideration. Roman Bellic and Mallorie Bardas also have a 9-year-old daughter named Kate Bellic (named after Niko’s lost loved one named Kate McReary). Additionally, Roman and Mallorie have a dog (it’s a boxer) named Spike since 2016 and a cat named Mittens (since 2014). Without any further ado, let’s begin!



One day, Niko Bellic was playing pool at a bar with Little Jacob, Brucie Kibbutz, and Dwayne Forge. Niko and Little Jacob were on one team while Brucie and Dwayne were on the other.

Brucie: Little Jacob, man! You’re WAY too good at pool, bro! It’s no fair Niko has you on his team!

Niko: Oh, stop being a bad sport, Brucie! It’s just a game.

Brucie: Yeah, yeah. I know.

Dwayne: Niko! This boy ought to be put in the insane asylum for real!

Brucie: Hey! I ain’t deaf ya know!

Niko: Goodness gracious, can we just stop arguing and get back to playing pool?

Little Jacob: You read my mind, breda.

Niko: Of course I do. So who’s turn is it? I forgot all thanks to Brucie and Dwayne arguing.

Brucie: Uhh, I think it’s yours. Can we just start over? Who’s stripes and who’s solids?

Niko: Good grief, Brucie! Those steroids still seem to be kicking in!

Just then, Niko got a phone call from Roman.

Niko: It’s Roman. I got a call. Just hold on.

Little Jacob, Dwayne, and Brucie all stood there with their cue sticks by the pool table as Niko answered his phone.

Roman: Niko, you need to watch Kate, Spike, and Mittens. Mallorie and I will be gone in Vice City for one week.

Niko: Will do. I’ll be there!

Roman: Thanks Niko! I know I can always count on you!

After Roman hung up, Niko said “I’ve got to babysit my second cousin, Kate. Roman and Mallorie will be gone in Vice City for one week. Just play without me!”

Little Jacob: Alright then! One love breda!

As Niko walked out, Brucie said “Alright, Jacob! Let’s see if you’re as good as me and Dwayne put together!”

Niko got in his car and drove to Roman and Mallorie’s house. Roman and Mallorie were putting their suitcases in Roman’s car. “See ya soon, cousin. I’m driving to Francis International Airport” said Roman. Niko hugged Roman and Mallorie while saying “Drive and fly safe. Both of you”.

Mallorie: Take care of the kid, dog, and cat for us, Niko.

Niko: With ease!

Niko walked inside while saying “I’m here!” Spike barked and jumped on Niko. Niko shouted “STAY DOWN!” Spike actually sat after Niko yelled at him and titled his head. Niko pet Spike then said “Good dog!” Kate also hugged Niko and he hugged her back.

Niko: I hope your dad doesn’t mind if I sleep in his bedroom while he’s gone.

Kate: Oh, he won’t. Make yourself feel at home, Niko!

Niko: Ya know, you remind me a lot of Kate McReary, sweetie, my girlfriend who died ten years ago whom you were named after.

Kate: Yeah, my dad told me the whole story.

Niko: I’ve had a long day. I gotta get some rest.

As Niko went into Roman and Mallorie’s bedroom, he saw Mittens there. Niko yawned, laid on the bed, and said “Goodnight, Mittens”. He fell asleep until the next day.

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Umm.. I dont know what to say..Okay here goes.


So it honestly started fresh, a good start. So first thing why would they name her Kate especially knowing Niko has had a bad past with how it ended. Moving on Kate is a baby i would guess, so why does she call Niko "Niko" like with his name. It would be adorable if she called him Uncle. A good way to immerse a reader imo. 


Also asking a kid whether i could sneak into parents bedroom just doesn't seem right. Also she seems adult-ish when she says "make yourself at home". Overall I think its has good vibe but ethically incorrect. 


Another thing is you didn't end well, what did Niko do, just sleep. Like how as a reader am I supposed to come back to this. How about some intriguing story line that engages me to come back once you post again.


I hope you could take it positively. Wish you the best. 



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