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Golden Wolf

The Destroyed Factory: A Dyom mission pack made by Golden Wolf

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Golden Wolf


                          The Destroyed Factory


Hello guys! I am Golden Wolf and this is my first mission pack that i ever made! The mission pack is still in progress but i''ll upload more chapters soon. I put hard work on it. I hope you'll like this mission pack! ENJOY!



Maurice Peterson and his cousin, Patrick Peterson (two members of Brad Gang) had a job from their boss, Randy brad to take care of his factory. Maurice and Patrick went to the bar to feel good thinking nothing bad can happen with the factory.. But while they were there, an anonymous person destroyed the factory. Randy discover that and tell to Maurice and Patrick to make money for a new factory and if they won"t do that, Randy will kill them . They had a idea to go in Los Santos to make money. Maurice was doing some jobs from numerous people and gangs and Patrick was doing money from other unknown source. They have very big adventures there.


You can download the first chapter of this mission pack here: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/show/56889





Maurice Peterson:  The protagonist/playable character is a  member of Brad Gang that he had a job to take care of his boss' factory with his cousin, Patrick. While they left the factory for one hour, an anonymous person destroyed the factory. To make money he go in Los Santos to work for some people. He is very dangerous and a good killer and thief







Patrick Peterson:  Maurice's cousin. He had the best idea to go in Los Santos to make money for the factory. He send Maurice to work for his uncle thinking he can make money easy. He is like his cousin very clever.






Randy Brad: The boss of the strongest gang from Las Venturas, Brad Gang. He is detaining 8 factories in Las Venturas. But the most important was the factory that is located in Whitewood Estates. He send his henchmen (Maurice and Patrick) to take care of his factory. He is very powerful and not very patient/




Walter Ronald: Randy's new bodyguard. He helps Randy very much while Maurice and Patrick are in los santos





Christian Duke: Patrick's uncle. Patrick goes with Maurice in Los Santos and he send his cousin to work for his uncle while he make money from another unknown source. Christian accept the offer and Maurice is doing jobs for Christian that includes the Pirate Mobs. A gang that bothers him, in exchange for some money







Logan Roberts: Christian's good friend. He is helping Maurice and Christian to destroy the Pirate Mobs. In the beggining, he was a modest bus driver. But when he has some conflicts with the boss of the company, he left the company and becames the new leader of The Buffaloes. A gang that is making guns dealing business.







Bobby Rigger: A new employer of The Buffaloes hired by Logan. He is helping Maurice and Logan with the Guns Dealing.






More details about the next charcaters when i'll upload the next chapter!








Edited by Golden Wolf

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seems good,

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