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Mgg's Vehicles

Recommended Posts







Hello everyone, Mysterdogg here! and yeah! I've started this topic to talk about my ported, updated, fixed, improved & even redesigned vehicles from GTA (IV)V/O taking full advantage of mods like Vehfuncs by @Junior_Djjr & ImVehFt by @DK22Pac alongside some other complementary mods made by me if required. The main difference with vanilla modders like the Vanillaworks team or similar GTA V modders is that I will mainly focus on normal cars like utility vehicles, emergency & service units and practically every model that could bring some diversity & realism to the game(s).




-I will post WiP but of course, also released stuff.

-I won't accept requests but I'm always open to new ideas. of course, similar to my style and not too complicated. Think Originally.

-Keep in mind that I'm known for never release my vehicle mods, so expect long times of waiting between vehicle and vehicle.

-Beta testers, livery makers, contributors and all of the people involved in any of my vehicles will be mentioned in the credits of every release.




As in 2014, my idea is the same actually: to focus on everyday vehicles.



My original model made in 2014, took me days to make it.



My new model, took me only a few hours to reach or actually surpass the quality of my previous design. This one has a closer look to its real-life counterpart than the original model and my first attempt of 2014.




Edited by Mysterdogg
Various changes in the topic design.

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A few days have passed since the opening of the topic and you may be wondering any updates? when's the release? or even download link? but you're probably too afraid of asking or simply don't want to be the first posting before seeing this update! Well, although I was working on some other stuff like my newest CLEO Script, today I had some free time so decided to work on the lore of the vehicle. you know, the extras.


Example of Lore-Friendly Extras:




I'm a huge fan of lore stories, so which could be your stories or explanations if you find those objects in your Airtug once you've arrived to work? or you are probably wondering why your flight was delayed? there are many questions generated by a couple of random objects!


Edited by Mysterdogg

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Hey everyone! it's been a while since my last update here and it's mainly because of two reasons: I've been really busy helping others and I've been working on something revolutionary if I may say so.


I always wondered why nobody gave more attention to the wheels, I mean, people like Tg_Stig with the Atomic & Fukaru enhanced tires and MGgames100 with his Lore-Friendly Wheels have done a really good job, I even use most of their work for my ideas but still nobody has given us the next step in vanilla modding, I'm talking about the tire's tread. I don't know you guys, but I'm tired of the same pattern in all of the wheels, because, with no more than 6 designs, it's unacceptable to see motorcycle tires in an SUV! the same thing in the opposite way (...) so after a while, I said "if nobody is making this, I will!" and here it is. Enhanced Lore-Friendly Tires Tread! 


I'm aiming to make more than 80 different designs (81 in total), focusing on every possible & compatible type of tire. Right now I have made over 20 and on this occasion, I will show you just a few ones (for copyright matters). Hope you guys like it!


Tires Tread Comparison:


Here we have a default tire design:





And here we have some of my designs:



With some additions like normalmaps, the designs look a lot better!.

Note: it will need a certain level of modding skills to use those textures.


This will be eventually available for everyone in my upcoming topic called "Mgg's Backyard", a special topic made for modders.


Edited by Mysterdogg
Minor changes.

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Hey everyone! my work with my projects has been incredible constant and although I'm not sharing too much of my progress, I've made some good advances with the carcols file and today decided to post a picture showing the result. You can check my guide for learning how to edit the mentioned data file!


Carcols.dat Progress:




For the effects, I'm using my own env map together with SkyGFX and ImVehFt. For the tests I'm using the Scramjet, I've been working on it for a while. I tried my best to make the wheel look like rubber. This week I was talking with Tg_Stig about his work with the tire textures and he has given me permission to use them as a complement with mine.



Talking about the carcols data file, I've made over 60 new colors, mostly from real life like the International Racing colors or the Classic Limited colors but also some custom colors for the rims & calipers and some others from GTA IV & V, as seen in the picture above.

Edited by Mysterdogg

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Hey there everyone, this post will be a bit different from the previous ones since I want to mainly keep you up to date with the progress of this project. Well, you may be wondering why I haven't released any vehicle yet? or why I'm taking so long for a single update? and so many other questions; the answer is mostly real-life problems, personal stuff, I'm having a really tough moment in my life and that got me really bad, I mean, I've already released a few mods in my workshop but those were already made a while ago (...) there's also a restoration project I'm working on with a motorcycle so that's taking most of my time, it's almost done but there are still some small details that need a lot of effort and time. Besides all of that, I'm always helping others with their mods or solving problems in the modding section so, my time for my own topics is really limited. While getting older time becomes less & lesser, I expect to keep modding for at least 8 more years on.


By saying that, let's talk about the updates with this project, well, I've been focusing my work on the wheels, I've always disliked the low quality of them compared to rest of the model (same thing with the engine blocks), I mean, some wheels don't even have an air valve! so I'm taking my time to improve or actually remade the vanilla wheels in a similar way that MGgames100 did with his lore-friendly wheels pack. For example, I'm making specific rim designs based on the corresponding real-life counterpart of the vehicles I'm working on, so if the Declasse Granger is mainly based on a Chevrolet Suburban, I will make a rim that resembles the stock ones found in the SUV.


About the engines, that's another part I'm aiming to improve or even completely remake if needed. Some engines are really detailed, especially the ones found in the Lowrider DLC but there are some others, like the Rat-Truck one that's actually unique. So, for this part, I'm using the models from the game alongside with some real-life engines to merge them into a more detailed but still lore-friendly design. The engines will keep pretty generic, you know, I4, I6, V6, V8, V10, V12, etc but now with a higher poly-count & also tuning support like colorable parts, animated parts, etc. 


And last but not least, the external mods. Stuff like the Carcols or the Handling are taking a while but I will probably first release my new colors preset before my vehicles for a public testing period. So well, stay tuned for that because it won't take so much time to see it released here & probably on GTA Inside too since I'm updating my old stuff and uploading the new one there.


Example of a WiP rim:



Still in progress, the final result may vary or be completely different. Thanks to VehFuncs I can have multiple wheel designs inside one model so I can avoid the need of tuning the car for replacing them.


Example of the new car colors in-game:




In those photos, you can see the fourth color system working in my WiP Scramjet. I've been using this car for most of my tests thanks to its high poly-count it's perfect for testing env maps and such things. The primary color is used for the body, the four colors seen there are from real-life limited edition colors from iconic classic cars. The secondary color is used for the interior, although it's barely visible there, you can see black, white, red & beige, all of them based on the generic interiors from GTA IV & V. The tertiary color is used for the caliper, as the previous one it's barely visible but you can see red & yellow. And for the Quaternary color, which is being used for the rim, you can see red, white & blue, all of them based on the International Racing Colors.



WiP Graphic Enhancement:




Thanks to @Kingbing for the help & suggestions. This new part of the project is related with the graphics but also aimed for the Win10 users that like me that can't stand, don't like or simply can't play with ENBs (even with a gamer PC). My first try was only with SkyGFX but I never really liked the result, after that I started working with Reshade and the result can be found in the Screens & Media topic; after a while, I saw Kingning's work so I wanted to reach that same quality, I talked with him and led me to this. Right now, with the usage of different complementary mods like SkyGFX, Reshade, Shadows Settings Extender & California Timecyc I'm being able to have the same quality of top ENBs or even better with the advantage of almost no FPS drop. After this result, I'm planning to release it as a requirement for my upcoming vehicles but I still want to keep improving it, especially the stuff that's not mine like the custom timecyc.



Edited by Mysterdogg

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