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Black Fox

Usual Business (DYOM mission)

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Black Fox

Who am I?


Hello guys, so you all probably didn't know about me as I'm new here.. as stated in my profile, the name's Black Fox. So, I played some of the missions on DYOM for a while now and most of them are very fun to play. I also played some mission packs and I really enjoy everything about it. After playing these missions, it became an inspiration for me to create my own mission too! So, after working on this mission (Usual Business) for a while, it finally finished and I really glad it is, it was stressful to be honest. So, without wasting more words, let's get into the mission's details, shall we?

(I will not reveal any spoilers of the mission, just some details 'bout it, 'kay?)


Mission detail:


 I probably wrote this on DYOM website, but oh well, what about it, eh? Let's get into it!


So, the event of this mission takes place in the year 2000. Jonas, a fresh meat of the Grove Street Family, was involved in his very first job in the gang, which was a deal with a Vietnamese gang called "Butterfly" led by Choi, a Vietnamese war veteran. Dennis, being the high ranking in the Grove Street gang, realized that the gang was sort of weapons due to recent events with rival gangs. So, he decided to arranged a deal with the Butterfly gang who was selling weapons to anyone who can afford them. Later, the gang sent Sik, one of the high ranking member in the gang to undergo the deal. Find out what happened during the deal by playing the mission because I can't afford spilling the beans. Let's move to the characters!




Jonas (main character):



Jonas was born in 1982 in Los Santos, San Andreas. He lives with his family nearby Grove Street. As he grew up, he realized that his family was very poor and decided to change that fate of his family. He always finds opportunity to make money, illegal or not, as long as he gets money.  When he was hanging around near the Ten Bottles bar, he met Tony, a Grove Street member, who was drinking in the bar. He became friends with Tony and later, Tony offered him to become one of the gang. He promised to train Jonas with weapons so that he can take care of himself in the gang. Later, Jonas was accepted into the gang and had to prove himself by following them to a deal with the other party.




Tony was born in the same year as Jonas in San Fierro, San Andreas. He and his family was poor and Tony's dad is struggling to find jobs around the city to earn money. Unfortunately for them, there isn't any jobs available. Tony's family decided to move to Los Santos to try their luck there. One day, when Tony's dad was visiting a bank to deposit his money, he was killed by robbers who were robbing the bank at that time. When Tony grew up, his school mate, Dennis, decided to take Tony into the family so that he will at least have a life to live. Everyday, Tony would visit the Ammunation to train his shooting skills at the range. He became better from time to time. Later, he went to the Ten Bottles bar to relax himself and met Jonas. Later, they became friends.




Dennis was born in 1981, in Los Santos, San Andreas. His father was a lawyer and his mother was a housewife. He studied English in school and graduated in 1999. He started to do little jobs to earn money, such as a cashier, truck driver and sweeper. One day, his father failed to protect his client in the court, who was one of the Ballas gang. They killed his father because of that. From that day, Dennis decided to join the Grove Street gang to avenge his father's death. Until now, he is one of the most trusted man in the gang.




Choi, a Vietnamese war veteran, immigrated to America in the early '80's. He started a new gang called "Butterfly" which consists of Vietnamese immigrants. They later became one of the most powerful gang on Los Santos. Until now, the gang is still considered untouchable. Choi earned a lot of money from the gang and started doing dope business, however the weapons dealing are still operational. Choi is rather a ruthless and greedy person as he always find opportunity to earn money, no matter what it takes.




Sik, a Vietnamese immigrant, came to America in the 1985. He met with Choi when he arrived at Ocean Docks. At that time, Choi was arranging his stuff for an upcoming deal. Luckily for Sik, Choi was looking for a man who are capable enough to do jobs for him in the Butterfly gang as he cannot risk his life doing deals anymore. So, he decided to test Sik by sending him to the deal he arranged. Sik proven himself to Choi and later became one of the most trusted member in the gang. From '86 and throughout the '90's, Sik had been involved in various weapon and dope dealing with other parties and most of them were successful.




Alright guys, in conclusion, I've been working hard on this mission and I just hope that you guys will have a good time playing it. If you think it's trash or garbage or something, just tell me. If it's good, also tell me, deal?  Cheers and greeting from me, Black Fox!


Here's the link:







Edited by Black Fox

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Obb Porff

Looks promising, I will try it out.

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