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Drive-by Not Working (and Crash while Editing)

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I was making a mission yesterday where the player drives to a destination, then a cutscene occurs. At the very end, at the last "scene" before it ends, the player is teleported into a truck and is supposed to enter drive-by mode. When the cutscene ends, however, the player character doesn't hold her gun out the window and cannot shoot. This is what would happen if drive-by wasn't turned on, but it is on, so the player is unable to exit the vehicle! Here's a screenshot showing how this looks.


:/ I've tried to edit the objective to make sure "front passenger" and "drive-by on" were selected, but this doesn't change anything. Also, if I ever try to add another objective in place of this teleport player to vehicle objective, like adding a new one, deleting the old one, then selecting the previous objective and putting the new one after it, the game crashes! Even adding a new objective before it causes a game crash!


Here's the mission file. Play through it, and you will encounter the weird behavior after the cutscene. I'm unsure of whether the objective happening during a cutscene is causing this glitch, but it's hard to fix this when the game crashes if I edit the objective. The "teleport to vehicle" objective is #36. Can anyone tell me what's being done wrong here and why DYOM causes the game to crash when adding a new objective in place of #36? I wouldn't want to start making this mission all over again, but I suppose I will if it's needed. :(

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I tried to fix this but as you said, whatever I would try to add/remove/change, it either wouldn't give effect or it would crash. Sadly, from my experience, DYOM bugs happen from time to time and in this case, you may be forced to remake the whole mission if you want to finish it properly. Another way might be to remove the last 5-10 objectives and then continue designing from that point but I can't guarantee it will work. That's up to you to try out as an easier solution.


Best of luck.

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Oh, so DYOM is more likely to glitch than I thought... I guess I'll try removing/re-adding objectives or modifying the mission so Jane (the country girl) uses "Sit in nearest vehicle" instead of "Enter" and the cutscene ends right there (as maybe that is breaking the drive-by since Mary teleports into the truck at that point) but I bet starting over will be needed. A shame since it took a lot of trial and error to line up the cup with Mary's mouth for the "drinking" part of the intro cutscene. (See my profile picture to see how precise I was.)

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Yeah, I have played the mission, you certainly put a lot of effort in the details. Try it this way first, and if it doesn't work out, then you will have to remake the entire mission. I hope for the best. 

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Thinking about it, I think it'd be better if I completely started over, as the starting point of the mission is so close that the player doesn't get to drive much before having to see another cutscene.


I put more with into the new mission and it crashes now too, and I'm less sure if the cause this time. Think you could check out the new mission that crashes, @AnDReJ98? I figure it wouldn't be worthy ofa second too topic.

Edited by Xane123
Added another failure.

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Sure, just send me the mission.


It may take some time to respond since I'm not so often on my PC these days, but I will look into it when I get some time.

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