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A life that never was

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A Life that Never Was


Come to me, Mama. Come touch me and feel my pain. Don’t be afraid now, Mama. You weren’t when you killed me.


Here, touch this… can you feel it now, Mama? The excruciating pain that consumed my helpless body? You inflicted that, remember?


Look at my body, now a mass of rotting flesh and coagulated blood. The remains of what was a tiny human body. A body that was soft with a tiny head matted with sheen of baby hair. A tiny body with a tiny heart that pulsated in time with yours. These were my fingers and ohh!… Here’s my thumb which I sucked while snugly tucked inside you.


You see, I had long lashes just like Dad’s. My sensitive mouth was just like yours. And here are my ears which heard your quickening heartbeat when you’re afraid.


I could have been a wonderful child if you’ve let me live.


I could have been a baby girl just what Daddy wanted. A beautiful, healthy and bubbly bundle in your arms. My hypersensitiveness would have exasperated you.


Grandma? Hmmm… She could have coached me in modeling, Grandpa could have coached me in singing, and Cousin Jane could be my playmate in my big dollhouse. I am Barbie and she is Little Mermaid. I could have grown into a beauty queen, you would be proud of me coz I’m gonna join contests.


Mama, see I was alive but not anymore. So, please let baby brother live. He could also be as wonderful as me. His life wouldn’t be like mine. A life that never was.




This is not mine. This is a winning feature article wrote by an elementary student in a campus journalism contest. It's a great feature article about unborn children being aborted. Please feel free to say anything ABOUT this feature in the comments section below.

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Mr. Scratch

f*ck outta here.

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You like writing, we have a writer's discussion section :santa:

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