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GTA Online DLC Concept - "Going, Gone"


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Due to rumours of R* releasing a large DLC after Christmas (I think, anyway), I've decided to come up with my own idea to make the game more enjoyable and to possibly remove or at least try to remove problems facing GTA Online at this point. It can be said that some serious issues, like Tryhards, Griefers and other players of the sort are near impossible to remove, especially the latter, due to the make-up of the game. It can be said that some things, like the Kill/Death Ratio, the Easy Way Out (EWO) and overpowered equipment could be nerfed or removed altogether, however these are just my opinions. I'm very interested to see what people think about my idea, too, as I believe - after chatting with my friends - that this concept does have some sort of backbone too it.

Basically, the Going, Gone DLC would be centred primarily around, if you haven't already guessed, auctions - specifically those of European and Asian origin. This would allow leeway for new vehicles, missions, and properties, at more reasonable prices. Of course, I cannot guarantee that my idea of "reasonable" is the same as someone who, let's say, is not interested in making money, or a serious grinder with over $10,000,000. However, I have contacted a number of both friends and strangers on the Xbox One platform of GTA to get an impartial opinion on what prices are good and what is overpriced.


Opening Introduction for the DLC

"Whilst cruising around in your military-grade Insurgent, crushing any police car in your path, you take the small time to wonder how real millionaires make their cash, without any devious means. You wondered that, of course, until you get shot by a rogue officer. Now that dream can become a reality with the help of Benard Forrestam, and the FloggingOff auctioning team. It's never been a better time to invest in corrupt European auctioneers."


FloggingOff Auctioning Website

The most major part of this DLC concept is most likely the FloggingOff website on the internet. I have designed various webpage designs for the site, and I have come to a conclusion that purple, black and white would be the three colours used. The biggest thing, however, is the way players sell their vehicles. Let's take an example of a Level 20 player wishing to sell his Imponte Dukes - which, for extra information, is modified to the best of the Level 20's ability. Instead of selling it at Los Santos Customs for a set price, Mr. 20 could go onto FloggingOff and create an auction for his car, much like Forza. He could set the level of player able to auction, the starting price and over financial options, and the time the auction lasts till. After the auction is over and the car is sold, the player would recieve 85% of the money the winning bidder spent, with the other 15% going to the actual website. I am aware that possibly no-one bids and the auction comes to a close with no money pumped into it. In this case, the layer would be able to either sell it for a set price, or keep the car an dbid again soon. I am also aware that players can set the starting price to an enormous level with no restrictions, which is why the player cannot set the starting price to over what the stock model costs at a dealership. However, bidders are welcome to bid as much as they can. The site would also include auctions from NPCs, and players can have bidding wars on those cars too.


Dashhound and New Vehicles

In the Going, Gone DLC, there would be a new car company with several new cars. Dashhound Motors would provide Los Santos with all of its European - mainly British - vehicles. The company is based of Vauxhall Motors, who are a prominent manufacturer of cars in the U.K.

The Dashhound Wave Sedan

The Dashhound Wave would be based off the  2003 Vauxhall/Opel Insignia Concept , which I find a very attractive car. What would make this vehicle unique is the sliding rear passenger doors. Personally I would make this car a very potent sedan but compared with sports cars, it would crumble. The handling of the Wave would be superb - on par with the likes of the Coil Voltic and the Bravado Buffalo S. The speed would also be good, matching that of the Benefactor Schafter, however the acceleration, like actual Vauxhall cars, would be poor. As far as the customisation goes, you may notice the bars of light in the headlights. You should probably be able to remove them and fit normal headlights. The grille could be de-chromed or meshed, but I don't think that would look to good. I could see this car with a glass roof, like the Coil Raiden's, but such modification to that extent would be pricey. As for the spoilers, I can only envision this car with a incredibly subtle low-level spoiler, but R*, with their huge GT wings, may think otherwise. There would obviously be the likes of custom bumpers and the sort, but apart from that I can't see anything else that needs to be customised. The car would only have a primary colour, but could come with a select number of simple liveries. As for the price, I can see this car being worth around $230,000.

Legendary Motorsports description: "For years now, you're tired of seeing the same old sedans pass you by whilst travelling in a supercar that sticks out like a sore thumb. But now, thanks to the marvels of drunk British designers at Dashhound, you can get your corrupt hands on a perfect blend of luxury and furious racing. The world of sedans has never been so scared of a British car."

The Dashhound Duty Wave SUV

A variant of the original Wave, the Duty Wave would be based on the 2018 Vauxhall/Opel Insignia Country Tourer , but with characteristics from the Insignia Concept from 2003. The ground clearance would most likely be raised and the Dirt Wave would be a faster, slightly more expensive alternative to the Declasse Granger, and would share similar features, such as the ability to carry two people on the side-steps. As for the customisation, I'm sorry to say this but it would be limited, to say the least. It would probably include shared features with the original Wave, similar to how there are shared custom parts with the Benefactor Dubsta 6x6 and the original Dubsta. The side-steps could be de-chromed or possibly be made a secondary colour, as well as the chrome lip around the side windows, but I see that as unnecessary coding for the people at R*, as it is pretty pointless. It is possible that the Duty Wave has a primary and secondary colour, as you can see in the Insignia Tourer image, there is a black accent around the tires and around the bumpers. Recolouring that seems inevitable. The performance of the D-Wave would be compatible with most other SUVs however the speed would be more like a sports car than anything else, due to it being a variant of a sorts sedan. I personally think it should be priced at around $250,000

Southern San Andreas Super Autos description: "There's only one true way of tackling the impressive cliffs of Mount Chilead whilst still feeling like getting out a bottle of fine wine from the cooler compartment and leaning back in your leather seats. The Duty Wave is here, and it's here with more glam and more slam then you'll ever need."

The Dashhound Runner Off-Road Pickup Truck

The Runner is Dashhound's most modern pickup truck, and in my eyes would be like a sporty alternative to the Vapid Sandking XL, and is based off the Tata Xenon Tuff Truck Concept. The customisation would probably follow suit to that of the Sandking, but with a more modern design. For the price of $145,000, you'd get your hands on a off-road vehicle reminiscent of the Bravado Bison when it comes to speed, but the handling would be a world of its own. Sure, the Runner would be a victim to understeer from time to time, but when you jump around off-road, you feel like you're riding a feather! As with all Dashhound cars there would be those funny bars for the lightbulbs within the headlamps, but they can be removed in the Customs. The actual bed at the back of the truck can be modified to store non-functional cargo, but that comes at the added price of two passengers not being able to sit in the back. I could see the Runner having an aqua variant - however the price would probably be around $300,000 for that.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos description: "The Runner is literally the definition of a man. Try not to attract too many women into the back seats."

The Dashhound Retro Runner 350 Off-Road Pickup Truck

The Runner 350 is the classic, retro version of the Runner. Based off the Dodge Ram 2500 (or at least that's what I recognise the image as!), the Runner 350 would be a slightly slower, but much more grippy, version of its modern counterpart. It would also cost $210,000, and I now you think that's a lot but most Retro cars that are modified at Benny's cost $400,000+, so I think it is very reasonable. As far as customisation goes I can see the 350 having possibly some bars at the front and back, similar to many other pickup trucks in the game. I also reckon that it should be possible to add a bedcap on the truck, although I'm still debating this as I reckon it would look to much like a Granger or a Rancher XL. The performance would be similar to the modern Runner but the Retro would feel a whole lot heavier and more like a boat, however the extra weight gives it superior handling.

Southern San Andreas Super Autos description: "You've seen the Runner rush past you too many times, and you want to stand out from the crowd. Take the right leap with the Runner 350."



Bidder Buddy

Bidder Buddy would be a simple, on-session mission that comprises of a small task. The task? Right, the task is simply to deliver the vehicle to the buyer, but with a twist. Many of you know the Titan is a large plane that can fit the whole Lobby in it, well, with the this DLC, the Titan's back door would be able to be opened. You drive the car into the back and in this mission it would be tied down to the floor. As for simple free play, the Titan, in my opinion, should only fit one car, and if you drive a car in, after two seconds it would be tied down. As for larger trucks, sorry buddy but no-can-do. You fly the Titan to one of three airports and then the bidder who wanted the car for himself is waiting there and job done.

Other Missions

As for other missions, I'm struggling to think of any, support in this field would be credited.


More to come after this initial block of text comes out. I want to see how people find this first before getting into the Properties and the Bug-Fixing.


Edited by TheVintageCriminal
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2 hours ago, TheVintageCriminal said:


I've decided to come up with my own idea to make the game more enjoyable and to possibly remove or at least try to remove problems facing GTA Online at this point. It can be said that some serious issues, like Tryhards, Griefers and other players of the sort are near impossible to remove, especially the latter, due to the make-up of the game. It can be said that some things, like the Kill/Death Ratio, the Easy Way Out (EWO) and overpowered equipment could be nerfed or removed altogether, however these are just my opinions.



I appreciate you taking the time to come up with an idea, but sorry, how does this DLC solve that?


Secondly, if this was ever a DLC, I can't see me getting into it. Sorry. I don't think this is DLC-worthy. 


Thirdly, does this need its own thread?  Mods, can you pitch in?

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36 minutes ago, Talisman_83 said:

Thirdly, does this need its own thread?

Some people post their DLC concepts. It's been like that for a while.

If they don't look like a wishlist, mods let them be, i think.

Edited by Sanches
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Throw some pics in there OP and you are good.

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1 hour ago, Mach1bud said:

Throw some pics in there OP and you are good.

Quite confused with what you mean.

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Check other unlocked DLC concepts to understand.

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36 minutes ago, TheVintageCriminal said:

Quite confused with what you mean.

Put some pictures in there so it's not just some big wall of text.

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got a few gripes with it, especially vehicles.

Dashound is the name of a coach company already in the game

Cheval for the most part is General Motors/Holden in the GTA universe, so Vauxhall would slip right in

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i like the idea of auctions, it being suggested in the past but we always get to the same conclusion...


it would be exploited as a way of transfering money between players and we know R* dont like that. 


in a game full of modded/glitched money, the last thing R* would want is create something that would make easier the transfer of wealth between players.

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