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ENB Directx 2.0 - Issues


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So for some reason my FPS completely drops to 30-40 FPS when being surrounded by cars with reflection which is understandable in most cases but shouldn't a high end comp be able to handle it? I thought of removing the reflection mod, but there was no such option.



GTX 1080TI 11GB

16GB 3200 MHZ

AMD RYZEN 5 1600

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It's not a matter of how high end your system is if the engine can't make efficient use of all that power anyway. You'd be better of waiting for RenderHook to be in a mature state (but even now it runs way better then any ENB Series in Dx9 or the vanilla game for that matter).


EDIT: also ryzen is vastly lacking in single core performance which will hurt your performance significantly in old games that only use 1 cpu core.

Edited by LaDiDa
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I think GTA San Andreas uses 2 cores, I can tell by looking Task Manager and it's using 50% of CPU (it's quad core). And CPU shouldn't be problem as we talking about a CPU from the newest series of AMD running a game that designed to run on Pentium 4/Athlon 64 processors. The problem is the engine of GTA San Andreas couldn't benefit from full GPU/CPU performance so no matter what is your graphics card, the game will run laggy with slow (high settings) graphics mods.


EDIT: Not newest though, I didn't know this CPU was released in 2017.

Edited by DragonSC
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What about disabling reflections? I know car reflections really breaks down the fps. Does anyone know how to disable the reflections? You cant do it through enbseries or in game.

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