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A prediction.

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No spoilers here, just a prediction.  So I've been mulling it over in my head.  I've really had a hard time trying to clamp down what I actually think is going to happen. I usually give a prediction to my other Rockstar obsessed friends.  I was in the ballpark about GTA IV and almost dead nuts on about V, the "3rd option" excluded.  I'm talking broad strokes, how it's gonna end and kind of what's gonna happen in the plot.  A lot of people are predicting the slow and systematic downfall of the gang over the game, and I for the most part, I agree.  But the end, I can't figure out what I think about the end!  Will Arthur die, live, be crippled, jailed?  It's hard to really make out what Rockstar is going to do 


So I have my official prediction:

John is, for lack of a better term, a rat.  The feds get their hooks into him at some part of the story.  He starts out by giving themi nfo here and there and ends up straight murdering gang members.  We know he's capable of it.  Dutch gets wind of it and leaves him to die on the botched robbery in '06. Or thinks he's already dead.  John takes out the gang member by member, but can't get them all, until 1911 comes around and it's time to finally finish the job.  For whatever reason I'm just so convinced they're gonna try and make us hate John.  I don't know why.  So what happens to Arthur?  We've seen two sides of Arthur in the trailers, the loyal company, son of Dutch man, but we've also seen the "our days are numbered, we gotta get out" type of man.  You may or may not know what's going on, until you're alone with John, then you hear the click of a gun cocking behind your back.  John has a gun pointed at you.  A long piece of dialouge ensues, you've helped him or hurt him, your choice throughout the game, this is where your in game decisions come to roost, he either kills you, or agrees to tell the feds your dead, either way you're gone.


So who do you play as after the credits roll?  I haven't come up with that one yet.  I have one for the Arthur lives scenario, smash cut to 1911, what happens at the end of RDR1 happens, Jack and Abigail ride off into the sunset.  But where do they go?  To the old man living at the top of the mountain/swamps/Mexico wherever, the last remaining Son of Dutch.  I've always wondered how Jack went from a weak wristed reader to a John Marston level mankiller in 3 years.  It's because an on the lam Arthur Morgan taught him how.  A few small missions happen, what happens to Abigail happens, Jack puts on dad's hat after taking Mom home, roll credits RED DEAD REDEMPTION II.


Maybe returning to Jack is slightly far-fetched, but I feel like they're going to be emphasising his perspective as a kid growing up around murderers and thieves. They put him in the character art for a reason and I fine it slightly hard to believe that he'd be the only kid around camp, some of those other guys and gals have to have kids.



Edited by Gunboat138

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^ Indeed. Remember to not use any details from the story previews as that would be a spoiler for the Armadillo Inn.

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