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What is the best locations to play around?


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When I get bored in GTA, I play in some tall mountains with bicycles in Mount Chillad, and sometimes I go to Franklin house to play with Chop.


What is the best locations to play around?

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El Penguin Bobo

The Mailbu Club in Vice City. I just love taking a minigun or a katana and f*ck everyone up on the dance floor.

Image result for gta signature

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Area 69 in San Andreas.


Nothing dodging missiles over a government facility.

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Mount Chilliad is definitely fun. I love mountain biking there, and I never get bored of it.

Star Junction is also my favourite place to hang around.

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I like to jump of the helicopter in GTA V Mountians without parachute, I like the screaming xD.

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Portland docks, Las Venturas and Bone County for no other reason then I love the aesthetics of them both. Ever since I was like 6 I've loved Portland in particular and nothing beats hearing all those seagulls and stuff.


I don't know about anyone else but to me they're the best locations to piss around :)

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Either Mount Chilliad or the swingsets near the projects in GTA 4


>tfw it will never be 2009 again and you'll be playing GTA 4 multiplayer on the 360 and be hanging out with strangers doing stunts at the airport

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the vanilla unicorn, pig pen and pole position is where I like to "play' if you know what I mean 😉


gta online I like to hide in the pacific standard bank. the derelict abandoned hotel in sandy shores, the sewer tunnel system and on the metro rail trains when I have a bounty. they are great places to hold of potential killers and  the interior of a moving subway train makes for a fun shootout.

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Barnie Spacullie

I must be a i diffrent kind of player, because i like to linger around the hood where gangs are not far. 

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