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Verbal Soze

Your top 5 afterhours song

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Verbal Soze
Posted (edited)

So what is your favorite songs in afterhours dlc? Yeah i've been listening to LSUR lately and seems like, there are some nice tunes in there, although the rest of it sounds like some kindargerten kid just bangin' the clasroom table :p

so yeah here are mine 


1.Joe jackson - Steppin' out

The best song in the dlc for me, why? I spent my childhood (i was only 10 year old when vice city came up) playing vice city (after that it's san andreas fever here in indonesia they even made a naruto mod ffs 😑), i remember the vibes, it's not like anything i've ever played before, a vast envrioment where we can do anything, i even skip school only to do dildo dodo and saving up some money so i can buy some memory card and save the game progress, and doing some rampage at the mall and the music (best part of the game) joe jackson, human league, inxs, kim wilde, laura branigan, bryan adams, hall and oates ah good times, and thanks to this game i fell in love with music, this song brings back many good memories to me so it is the best for me, and thanks R* for giving a throwback in the game


2.Carl finlow - Convergence

I don't know, this song kinda like EDM pop song like david guetta but when i search this song online i was like mind blown because carl finlow made this song in early 2000s, this is way ahead of everything in music at that time imo


3.Caravaca - Yes i do

I thought this one is from the 90s lol, when actually this song is from 2017, sounds good just like a restomod cars, old sounds new cars if you know what i mean


4.Metro area - Miura

An 80s dance song vibe, but it's made in 2002, which makes me feel the same like caravaca, restomod songs which is great like greta van fleet 🙃


5. Ron hardy - Sensations

This song is like zedd's clarity in the 80s, i know ron hardy and to me he is like jimi hendrix on dj, an 80s song that combined edm and soul music are not a mainstream thing at the time, but he made it anyway, and just look at the music industry nowadays, they're becoming like ron hardy, name every DJ that combined the elements of EDM and pop music, Alesso, Calvin harris, Armin van buuren, David guetta, heck even marshmellow doing it, he is hendrix in edm music


So that is it, to me they are amazing although those are not my main music (oasis,nirvana,led zeppelin,rush,police, the jam,blur,toadies,alice in chains, genesis, phil collins etc) but i must admit they sound good, so what's your top 5 afterhours music then?

Edited by Verbal Soze

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Practically everything from the whole Dixon set just caters perfectly to my style of EDM/house music, many of the numbers have it made even into my playlists "out there", but I can't apply any ranking.


From the other DJs I find remarkable TBM's own pieces ("He is the voice", "We can never be apart" etc.), and that Brian Ferry number from Solomun's set


Tale of Us for me become interesting late, around "Disgracelands" and "Heart of Darkness", when their set sadly is over soon after.



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Miura by Metro Area.


Reach Out Your Hand by TCK.


A bit light i know, but I yet to hear the entire TBM mix on the radio, its always Solomun's.

The Tale of Us mix is cool, got a 90s action movie vibe to it.


I have a confession to make, like most of us here, Vice City was a big part of my childhood. Flash FM & Fever 105 were my favorite stations, I love most of the songs & I associated some of them with missions or parts of the map ... But I have no recollection of ever hearing Stepping Out lol.

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Got only 2:


Both from Solomun's set. One dark. One bright.

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Sentinel Driver

I came here to see people say steppin' out

and I wasn't disappointed 

Edited by Sentinel Driver

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Girl walks up to me and says ‘what you driving?’ Bugatti! 

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Battle Scars

1: Customer Is King ~ Solomun

2: Steppin' Out ~ Joe Jackson

3: Beat Box - Diverson One ~ Art Of Noise

4: Ich Muss Los ~ Solomun

5: We Can Never Be Apart ~ The Black Madonna 

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Forza Harrd

Little OT but I had a tune stuck in my head at work, thought I was hearing a song from the game on the work radio station, took a long time to pin point the tune and where it came from, and I thought it was from the DLC but it's I-69 from WorldWide FM. So good.



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We can never be apart - The Black Madonna


Vinewood Blues - Tale of Us

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LunaStrky :3

1.-  Steppin Out - Joe Jackson (Vice City Memories 😍)

2.- Miura - Metro Area (The First Song I heard in Watch_Dogs 2)

3.- Customer is King - Solomun

4.- Planet 9 - Adam Port

5.- We Still Believe - The Black Madonna


Those are my top 5, but the Whole Solomun Set is pretty cool, The Black madonna has a lot of cool songs too, Tale of Us there's just like 3 or 4, just like Dixon.

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(In no specific order)


- Art Of Noise - “Beat Box” 

- Ron Hardy - “Sensation” 

- Rite De Passage - “Quinquerime” 

- Bryan Ferry - “Don’t Stop The Dance” 

- The Black Madonna - “We Can Never Be Apart”

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