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(WIP | GTA3 & VC) Curveshire


Recommended Posts

NOTE: This project has been cancelled.


Project Description

Curveshire is a replacement city for GTA3 and GTAVC. It is basically a big chunk of English country-side with a 4 mile long route which you can do time trials on. Both versions use my completely overhauled handling, so it will need to use weight shifting, counter-steering and other advanced driving techniques to get good times.


IJS from the MTAVC team has always responded positively to my Handling Overhauls I have sent his way, so Curveshire seems well placed to receive good support from the MTAVC team, most likely using their upcoming Blue technology. I am hoping to have multiplayer support in 2006.


This post is occasionally updated to keep the public informed on the current direction of Curveshire. I am actively seeking modellers to work on Curveshire so that, with the scripting efforts of Y_Less, the project can get back up to full speed.




Curveshire was started for the GTA3 engine and it will feature a basic time trial mode for single player. Once the time trial mode has been made no further work will take place on the GTA3 edition. Releases for the GTA3 platform are made in the Curveshire for GTA3 topic.


The main focus of this modification is for GTAVC, for which no version has currently been released. It will feature a complete time trial system and when you save the game your fastest times will be stored in the stats page, along with your most recent attempt. The circuit will be developed solely in the GTAVC engine until GTASA modifying tools become stable and efficient to use.



Current Design

user posted image

full version (twice this size)




I have made a couple of videos which can be downloaded from these beow locations. They are arranged with the oldest video first:-

  1. #1 - GTA3, single lap using Cheetah. (40MB)
  2. #2 - GTA3, single lap using Banshee with my handling. (35MB)
  3. #3 - GTAVC, single lap using PCJ600. (35MB)
  4. #4a - GTAVC, wooden box section of the Sanchez trials course. (7MB)
  5. #4b - GTAVC, wooden box section again but in the other direction. (7MB)
All these videos are kindly hosted by Jordan from Planet Grand Theft Auto. Gansta Killa is also hosting some of them for those of you who do not have a GameSpy ID.



2nd August, 2005

I have decided to make it official: Curveshire is cancelled


Lots of reasons and excuses I can think of but the biggest reason is that while testing and developing my GTASA Handling Overhaul I have found that the quality of the roads and landscape in this game are far, far beyond anything Curveshire was likely to become. An endless variety of massive landscapes, cityscapes and water courses exist in GTASA.


Therefore, the idea of Curveshire as being a challenging, varied landscape for street racing is obsolete, so there is no point trying to develop this project any further. I learnt a lot by working on this and I am proud of my designs and the work contributed by other modders. Other, more feasible projects are what we should concetrate on, though. smile.gif



29th March, 2005

Y-less has been on the team for a couple of weeks working on the mission script. We spent about two hours yesterday night figuring out the locations for the checkpoint to be used in the Time Trial mode. Car spawn icon grid is now in the correct position, player spawn/respawn are in the correct place. Refining the speedometer and the position of the car auto-generator.


Gansta Killa joined the team today. He will be working on illspirit's pub to get it into GTAVC, since the GTA3 version will not be receiving any more landscape updates.



6th January, 2005

Curveshire for GTA3 has been released! This and all future releases of Curveshire for GTA3 will be made in this thread.



17th September, 2004

By a wonderful quirk of fate, many members of the team have become active again and are now working on Curveshire afresh. Jcab has created our first new alpha version since Opius made one many months ago. Viperman has returned by taking on smaller tasks like the pit wall with team control booths. I have put together a simple promotional video which I've sent to D8cam as he agreed to host it. The link to that will be added here soon.



19th July, 2004

I recently made major changes to my webspace which included re-naming the project folder from "Majera" to "curveshire" to reflect the recent name change. This means many of the images in this thread will not work, although I've gone through the first and last couple of pages to fix my own posts. Some images simply don't exist any more because they have been superceeded.



07th April, 2004

I am still under my Forced Absence but the addition of Jcab42 to the team has given Majera a new lease of life. The couple of hours I am able to snatch on each week are mainly spent directing the team towards the version 0.01 release for GTA3.



Names and Locations

Below are all the companies, cars, characters and locations which I have thought up. I expect most will not be used in Curveshire and I do not mind people using them in their own projects.

Business Names--------------UltiMart (Big hyperstore type thing.)Octaco Fuels (Octane series of hydrocarbons, so it will be funny.  To chemistry geeks.)X-Torsion (Vehicle tuning firm.)Cahokia (Actual name of an ancient megalith in St. Loius.)O.M.G. (Over-priced electrical goods store.)L. Mao's Joke Shop (Laugh My Arse Off abbreviation hidden in there.)I.D.E.A. (Like IKEA.)Boxbuster Rentals (Like Blockbuster.)Plums (Software company, like Apple.)DAMD (Like AMD, word play on damned or dammed.)S-O (Like ESSO.)Unhinged! Inc. (Door and gate suppliers.  Joke is they only sell rolling and sliding versions, so no hinges.  Also, "unhinged" means crazy.)Mrs. Teak Lumber - garanteed to give you wood!  (Timber suppliers, maybe have a sawmill building and have thier logo with a pile of wood on one of the utility trucks.)Itchivani Research Labs - scratching below the surface.  (Research offices/labratory complex.  Say the name out loud, pronouncing the "v" softly if it don't get it.)Postal Haulage - crazy about your package!  (Postal as in deliveries and postage but also as in crazy and out of control.  Package as in a box but also like your rude trouser bulge.)Big Rod's Tackle (Fisherman type shop, plus innuendo aplenty.)P-NOS - Professional Nitrous Oxide Systems (it sounds like...erm...hur-hur...yeah) BOTCH (parody of BOSCH)Are You Shipping Me? (long-distance haulage)



Car Names---------Monolith (something big and slow)Vickers Parable (Like Vicar and short religious stories used to teach morals. Something slow and sensible.)Vista (Nissan Skyline or similar)Oval Corsette (Opel/Vauxhal Corsa.)Accurate C-REX (Acura/Honda CRX.)Junker (Trashmaster.)Bronco (Heavy van or lorry, like the Burrito or Rumpo.)Sultan (big truck of some sort, or perhaps the semi tractor unit.)Siberian (Another big truck, maybe a piece of heavy plant machinery like a crane or a tipper truck.)Bulluck (The bulldozer DieselGT made.)Porker (Porsche, the SUV one.)Gull, Seagull (The land and water-borne helicopters.)Kestrel, Vulture, Cyclone, Comanche (Other helicopters, the Comanche is the actual name of the future replacement for the real Apache.)Eagle, Condor, Falcon, Peregrine (Planes.)Dorsal, Pisces, Tadpole, Monger (Boats.)Cossie (Ford Cosworth of some kind.)ANL Probe (Like the Ford Probe, word play on "anal.")ANL Guzzler (Some sort of fuel-hungry vehicle, possibly a muscle car.)Summit, Mogul (Lincoln stretch limosine, it's the modern curvy one, other executive type cars.)Fiend (Nissan Rascal, pokey little van thing.)Ferroussi (My suggestion for the "ferrari" parody everyone making one might choose.)



Character Names---------------Ferederick Mantissa (Remember the exponent-mantissa storage system for binary numbers?  Urgh, another geek joke, then.)Harold Fulcrum (Fulcrum is the posh name for the pivot point of a lever.  Both these names suit mad scientist architypes.)Evan Gelical (Like "evangelical" - would be like the "Pastor Richards" character from GTAVC.)



Miscellaneous-------------Crash testing area, pipe ramps for flips, walls, bridges, skidpan, etc.Sports centre, treadmills, swimming pool, tennis courts with automatic tennis ball launchers, etc.Indoor go-karts, RC car racing.Tyre depot - stockpiles of old tyres, test track with circles, slaloms, skidpan, etc.Off-road course, open to public but with a mission event to win the Sandking.Outdoor supercross event, aggressive drivers following a vehicle path with an SCM exclusion zone would make for a unique event.Multi-purpose stadium:- This would be a bit like how Hyman stadium works with a shell and then a series of interiors.  The player could compete in martial arts type fighting and get the infinite run as the reward for winning.- Indoor trials riding over boxes, waterfalls would give the reward of the special trials bike parked outside the stadium - could replace the pizzaboy?- Also have events like car-crashing, where you'd have to use a Bloodring Banger to leap off pipe ramps and do a stunt worth at least X amount of points.  Points could be awarded for the amount of damage you do to the car without exploding it.  Completing the course would make both bloodring bangers always be parked outside the stadium.- Wheelie Bonus for the BloodrinA vehicle.



The Team


Name Position
Cerbera Founder & Designer
Y-less Mission Coder (away for exams)
Ghost_Master2000 Mission Coder (retired)
Jcab42 Lead Architect (retired)
Viperman Architect (retired)
Dup GFX/Architect (retired)
Bond996 GFX/Textures (retired)
Opius Architect (retired)
Illspirit Architect (retired)
Majestik Founder & Architect (retired)
Edited by Cerbera
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ooh.. very nice. could have some fun action on them like Odie + Illy highway, but actually with structure this time :colgate:


I'll scan in some designs I made for my own map mod (nowhere near a normal professional circuit :pp ) later tonight.

user posted image
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Rawr! Cerbera, majestic what a Evil idea! man that sounds beautiful! you both really know your sh*t  and i cant see this as being anything less than the next evolution of gta {  :D Atleast for me its a dream come true!} Hell yeah, Well met. The plans look really good, im kind of torn between the first {Love the bridge idea!} and the last one, both have really sick elements to them! well ok heres my sugestion, if you could impliment any of these turns into the mod it would be mana from heaven! Someone should reconise this as Mt akina { yes yes from initial D, sorry but you asked! :pp } also known as Mt Haruna i believe


Anyhow this is the site.

Initial D Gallery stage , filled with real life pics and maps of the other tracks also. take a look around and see if anything catches your eyes yeah? these are just sugestions for turns, im not asking you to consider crafting this :crosses fingers: hope you like it...if not its still going to be a amazing map you guys your truly masters and know what your doing, im sure you shall have more than enough ideas for this. peace {forgive me i had to jump at the chance to sugest this!} :rah:


:looks up: Or you could go with that!  :nervous:  That works! lol..Damn thats nice..



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.59 Reverse

cerb, you know... your track is kinda shaped like heaven and hell from Ridge Racer 4... i drew some inspiration from there...




makes me feel all warm and S13-y inside....


so.. you're a drifter, eh sickcur.... if so you need to be less of a honda-geek and type in clear english. and learn to model ffs!


^not an insult, a mere suggestion.




gotta make us look good, ya know..

tachiagaru to dorifuto. ...endo put roofies in everything. he wants to buttrape you.

user posted image

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OK, cheers for the interst, spread the word! :D


Me and madge have finally caught up on MSN rather than just PM'ing, and I've got a much better idea of how much work he doesn't mind me giving him. :)

We are both fond of the idea of having a motorway running through the middle, with a chicane from one side to the other and the pit entry going straight on.  I want to put this motorway on a gradual curve, so that the draw distance does't have to be super-high to not get it whiting out in the distance. :wtf:


We've also decided that some cliff type bits would be nice, and having the motorway in a cutting.  This makes me think of some of the motorways through hampshire, in england, that cut through hills and stuff.

I'm making a new design tonight, durin ad breaks on TV...hehe, reminds me of when I'd draft my cities for GTA1. :inlove:

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I can't wait, gonna have to double-post. tounge.gif


After a couple of hours last of sketching, rubbing out, re-sketching, eating, whilst listen throughout to BBC Radio 7's comedy zone, I've come up with this new design:


(Old image removed.)

Hope you can read the text, it's done in "MS Small Fonts" as it's faster than drawing it with the pencil. biggrin.gif


This level wouldn't actually take as much modeling as initially seems required - the cliff face along the A2 only needs to be a wall of polies, no top is required. This is kinda the case for a lot of the level; making cliff walls and fencing in the road means that very few fields will actually need to be built. If the whole thing is set at an elevation above what the DoDo can reach then there's no problems...


Gotta love my really bad sketching skills. colgate.gif

Edited by Cerbera
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I'll come up with a design. Maybe it would be easier to obtain permission to convert a track from racer and have someone place it in GTA3?


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all i can say Mugamba!



damn that looks really big and complicated :colgate:

user posted image


user posted image

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If you can get at majestik, just tell him to finish up the track he's doin

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all i can say Mugamba!



damn that looks really big and complicated :colgate:

Don't worry - it's all in my head...oh, actually...! :nervous:


Hehe, you really need to catch me on MSN again so we can chat over this.  Remember, these are still just concept drawings, the final design shouldn't be rushed.  I'm thinking another week or two of design and stirring up public opinion.  I urge everyone to spread the word about this and I+ because thier both gonna be awesome. :D

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If you can get at majestik, just tell him to finish up the track he's doin

lol.  any way, these are kewl ideas ur coming up with ere.  when i get bored in my lesson's i usally flip my pad of paper over and sketch out a few tracks, may have to sketch a few out.  i was also thinking of making a Rally cross track in a few month, when my dragstrip is fully finished and polished :D



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I'll tell you what I like:



We've also decided that some cliff type bits would be nice, and having the motorway in a cutting.  This makes me think of some of the motorways through hampshire, in england, that cut through hills and stuff.


but could y'all make the track itself hilly?  that would rock.

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hmm... i think you should either have the motorway suspended over a huge canyon, or clinging to the side. when we were driving in Italy I saw something like the latter... it looked really effective. A wide motorway bolted to the side of the cliff, and in the distance you see it arc around the corner and out of sight... majestic. <pun not intended>


alternatively, suspended in the air (in a canyon, obviously :pp ) looks really good.

user posted image
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I've properly hi-jacked this as being a Anglo-Canadian based project. Motorway is based on the M3, which runs about 5 miles from my house (can just hear it outside at night...if recorded it would make a great ambeint city sound) but the town will probably be more like a Canadian village type deal, because madge knows what that would look like when he models and textures it. smile.gif


I've found scale drawings of the junctions for both ends, so the motorway with the junctions each end is pretty much finalised to my mind.


Just to keep yous all fully informed:



user posted image

full version



user posted image

full version


Edited by Cerbera
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i got home and thought rite, i am gunna come up with a killer idea, (inspired by this topic would have to say).




 I would need a story line for this f i were to go a head and make this island, would also need a names as well, which am not too good at :(.  Think i might make this my end of college project, so plenty of time to gather people thoughts.

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Dammit, make your own darn topic! :rah:;)

However, after having to work out stories for GTA1 levels I can help you with your level.  I'd only be supplying mission ideas and plots, not anything really concrete. :)


Anyway, that mountain map thing suggested earlier gave Madge some really strong guidelines on how he wants to put together the twisty bits, also some special little features like the curvy-round bridge type thing I've drafted in there. :)


To my mind, madge could actually get to way on the motorway, just roughing out it's course, then getting the bridges draft made...from that we can start thinking about specifics like quite where the hell this thing is gonna go! :D

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Hey yeah, you won't see me complaining!

Those junctions are going to be nice! They kinda remind me of TXR0 junctions in form, i've never been near the m3, but it looks great!

Much better visual depiction, Cerbera. i can see how they were planned in your first draft, but the latest really bring it out.

Cant wait to see the plans for this all drawn out in high detail! Rawr, you guys got my support, keep the plans coming, they look stunning!


{offtopic} 59Rev,  much respect mate, no offence taken! i am trying, have patience with me!  :D  {/off topic}

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Madge seems to have a lot on at the moment, should I start making some other specific plans of bits of the roads?  I dunno, maybe madge is actualy doing his super-fast stealthy modelling thing where he speaks to no-one for a few days, then emerges with something lovely. :)

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i have to admit cerb, i was a little sceptical about if this would work, but after reading it again (whilst awake this time) it makes much more sense :)


sounds like a bloody good idea, but how are you gonna do the map? can you import anyting 3D as a map object like you can cars now?  :/  you probly can, i'm just behind the news, lol


Good idea with the gradual curve to cut down on the white space ahead, is this going to be more of a race style map with pit lanes and garages dotted about or a more of a circuit style, yet normal road?  very interested in this, keep me posted  :D

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Yeah, Madge's Montreal GP track is just a single, 8,000 poly dff object that's lumped in using the IDE.  Wow, almost sounds like I know what I'm making up! :p

But yeah, madge makes them in lightwave or something, then you add the dff and txd to the same archives as the cars go in, then use the IDE files (or summat) to say where the object is created.  And it was actually around 8,000 polies, which only as many as a single car!


I'm thinking that for this project, we're probably going to make lots of objects rather than just a single, huge one.  I guess each bridge would be an object (just the bit that spans the motorway) because then we'd have one object for all 3 motorway bridges...maybe.  The motorway itself with its embankment might be another object, then in the town there'd be a few types of building that would get repeated...

This is just speculation though.  Madge said he'd start on the bridges now, so I'm on the edge of my seat waitning for him to post pics of those next week. :colgate:

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doesnt making 1 huge obejct give it viewing problem, ie, vanishing when u get away from it.  The main part of my dragstrip is made up of two parts, and i have there viewing distances set to 300, any higher and they loss all solidness :/.

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I'm thinking that for this project, we're probably going to make lots of objects rather than just a single.

yup, if you have it as one solid lump you'll get viewing distance problems and HUGE lagging as the whole chunp of the map would be shown as soon as your colse enough.


the best way i can think of is to make it as one large chunk, then chop it up into like 20 segments so that it gets plenty of time to load without lagging the game.  :)  


that montreal track is only 8000?! jeez that good!


**cactus looks at his half a gajillion polly building and shuffles out the way**  ;)

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Then again, the montreal track has very post-modern landscaping, all jaggedy, and the corners are too.

If we make this more to the polycount that SSV uses, that should work pretty well I rekon.  Plus Madge can probably make better use of the polies than R* did! :pp

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enough jibba jabba!

i'll post a screenie sometime soon :p

user posted image


user posted image

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Buggeration, I have to go now!  Have to wait till tomorrow morning, which is about 8 hours away. :nervous:



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Yeah, that bus shelter reall does look great.  Is it nice and low-poly?

He made it just from this an a couple of other resource pics I took from my Great Texture Quest™ I went on the other day:



Progress is likely to be very low on this project for the next 3 weeks, but then it's the term break so this should really get some steam up.  In the meantime, I hope that Madge can find time to put together some other little street furniture things to whet you're appetites with.  We plan to have a full compliment of road signs along the twisty sections, and at the intersections.  They will be, of course, UK style ones. :)

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