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FPS Problem


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It's 2 days that the game has been giving me FPS problems. I start with the premise that i'm not going crazy for that 1 FPS difference lol.
Basically, in fullscreen mode, when before i was getting a steady 31FPS (i have, and always had, half vsync on), now i get 29FPS (with crazy stutter that starts 2 minutes after). The strange thing is that in both windowed and borderless window it's steady 31FPS (with no stutter).


I have already:
-Removed the GPU drivers with DDU and reinstalled them (the same version i had as they never gave me problems).
-Verified the game files both from the launcher and the DVD.
-Deleted both the game and Social Club configuration files in both AppData/Local and Documents.


I also:
-Didn't change the graphics settings nor the NVIDIA panel settings.
-Temperatures are in the norm (48°/53°C CPU, 62°C GPU) and the same as 2 days ago.
-This happens both with and without mods.
-Didn't installed/uninstalled anything in these 2 days.
-Didn't modify/add hardware.
-Did a virus, malware ecc scan.


PC Specs: I5 4690, GTX 970, 16GB RAM, Windows 7.


Graphics settings


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 - DirectX 11  
1920 x 1080, 60 hz, Windowed, V-sync on //half vsync
FXAA on, MSAA off  
Population density: 100%  
Population variety: 100%  
Distance scaling: 100%  
Texture quality: Very High  
Shader quality: Very High  
Shadow quality: Very High  
Reflection quality: Ultra  
Reflection MSAA: Off  
Water quality: Very High  
Particle quality: Very High  
Grass quality: High  
Soft shadows: Softest  
Post FX: Very High  
Motion Blur: 0%  
Depth of Field: On  
Anisotropic Filtering: 16x  
Ambient Occlusion: High  
Tessellation: High  
Long Shadows: Off  
High Resolution Shadows: Off  
HD Streaming while Flying: Off  
Extended Distance Scaling: 0%  
Extended Shadow Distance: 0%  
Generated with Forceflow's GTA 5 settings parser


Any idea before i throw everything out of the window? lol

Edited by Alex106
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Little update: i disabled the Self Radio automatic music scan (as i forgot to do it before) but it didn't solve anything. In the meantime i found another solution, which is blocking the frame rate with RivaTuner. I don't really like it as it makes the game use 20/30% more of the CPU (and the CPU temperature also increases), so i am still open to any possible solutions.

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Install win10, this rig should make way more than 30 fps. Can you tell fps and ram clock? Does lowering resolution increase framerate?

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I prefer W7 (on top of not being bothered to install another OS). I can run the game fine at 60FPS (i just prefer 30 instead). The RAM clock is 1600MHz and as for the second question, i don't know as i didn't tried.

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Windows 7 is really getting old now, there is no reason to stay on it other than preference, however since you do prefer, go on with your bad self. Whenever you can get over to 10, however, you will gain a lot of performance across the board, especially in gaming.


I want you to try this, because it will help: https://gtaforums.com/topic/915050-was-the-native-obfuscation-ever-removed/?do=findComment&comment=1070484561


After looking at your rig + your settings, I will say it will help a lot. I was 60fps with very similar settings even when I had i5-4590 + GTX960. Only after I went from 8gb to 16gb, mind you. You should do very well once you run through the above link. It will improve things no matter what, plus it may fix the stuttering (it may be a streaming issue due to bloated seek times from having to seek many fragments after many patches to both windows + the game instead of seeking 1 giant contiguous file. Consoles have no recourse for this anymore aside from a hard reset).

Edited by JuliusCaesar
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what about cleaning your pc? with some utilites like ccleaner or smth else. Can you show your task manager while launching game?

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I've used CCleaner already. As for the task manager, i will do it later.

Update #2: i tried the game on my laptop (i didn't install it but rather copied everything from my main) with all the graphics settings set to the minimun + i teleported inside an interior. Set Half-Vsync and, surprise surprise, the frame rate was locked to 29.9 while with RivaTuner i managed to push it further (32). Now i'm having a doubt: is there any chance that one or more files/archived got damaged/corrupted to the point of causing this problem? 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Update 3: i reinstalled the game (and redownloaded all the updates) but it didn't solve nothing. Also i tried with Vsync and the game run at stable 60FPS without stutter (which, at this point, makes me exclude a hardware problem).

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  • 4 weeks later...

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