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GTA Online Screenshots: Show Your Character

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I've been taking a lot of snaps lately.   "We gotta' get out of here." (with @Baltel)           -BUSTED-   "It's time to

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Los Santos 6:37am



(voice on phone)

We tried everything Marcos, even threatening to suspend her and she quit! The little idealist sh*t said she'll publish it on her own if she has to!

I don't know what else to say, you know how it is these days! Tell V, I...it's...it's outta my hands now...



(Marcos, front desk)

WE HAD AN UNDERSTANDING, Parker! You're office, the D.A.'s, Senator Crest, Madrazzo, I can't tell him this. If this fails, WE fail.

You can't tell me this!



What am I supposed to say?!



(screams internally) F * C K.




You good? Just talked to the fellas in Customs and Vice, the board is set. We kick off operations at 0900



Sir, we have a problem! One of the grunts at Weazel caught wind and they're gonna go public. Brady tried to stop her but its too late, sir.

I fear if we move forward now, we might risk everything.

I'm a man of my word. Eight figures on the line, 2 months of planning, nah, that's not whats gonna happen.

Can you shut her down in the meantime?


I can jam her signal and bog down her cell/computer, stuff like that, GPS shows she's on her way to Mission Row right now, but still...

what if she she finds a way?! We need more ti---

Fix it.



Shouldn't have given you this much rope.

Want something done right.....(shakes head)




Keep your phone handy.




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Havent posted here in a while....



here goes ^^,












Those last 2 pics. Last one is my fae. Edited by RollsReus1959
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So since the Barber options are mostly sh*t, I asked my sister to do the hair and makeup and here is the result:



"It's not a phase, MOM."













Random contact, unfiltered shots






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