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GTA Online Screenshots: Show Your Character


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finally getting the look i want after following some china forums, they try to recreate the "asian face"


and with more red

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Everyone on this page got some great shots. Been following this thread on mobile. Just logged on and looking on my computer and the phone doesn't do everyone's shots any justice.



Anyways....quick and dirty.


Edited by RollsReus1959
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Here's my GTA son secondary character.



He was originally created in "The Godfather: Don's Edition" but I decided to recreate him into GTA ONLINE. (He's got that Vice City look in this one.)


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Fun fact: Julia is actually a natural blonde.




Welcome to the club, im back to the roots as well ^^




with genny1 aka thehunteroftruth




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Quick selfie at my favorite gas station.


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I think I found my actual twin?? (She dressed up in Lexi's beach outfit)






Picture with Raspy's Asian character and Vyxra


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Biiiiig photo incoming.





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I updated my character with some of the new gunrunning stuff, new hairstyle and some of the new clothes. I made a set of outfits which I am quite happy with.





(I grouped up the outfit images so I didn't have to post them one by one, see below.)







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Been wanting to do this for a while.





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