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GTA Online Screenshots: Show Your Character

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  • the J is for Julia


  • Kushology


  • Big Molio


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I've been taking a lot of snaps lately.   "We gotta' get out of here." (with @Baltel)           -BUSTED-   "It's time to

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I went pretty shameless on effects because I wanted it badly to look old school the proper way, it came out eh I think


Some rather normal ones, along with PVP inspired outfits.

Edited by Purgen
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the J is for Julia

Tats are covered up and rocking the red/black reverse Ombré for a project with DoublePulse.





Really ready to drop this look. Lol. Not a fan.


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Since Contact missions are double $$ and RP, working on that grind to level 400 (383 at the moment) some contact mission screens, keeping in with that barely dressed theme... er i mean what? i didn't say anything... shhhh



Also, body suit with no mask, i really dig the look


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"I'm so glad I got up at 5am so I could be first in line for the new Princess Robot Bubblegum figure"




Muh waifu...



tfw you get friendzoned


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Too sad I've missed Outfit Showcase Week2 but anyway want to show you some snaps with my character, outfit and cows :)

Spectating for my artiodactyls friends:

Me and my horse cow:

My new shoes boots:

Just having sex fun:






Edited by EVOLUT7ON
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"I knew she didn't get the message the first time"


"I've invested too much time into this family for some skank to come around and f*ck it all up"




"I'll take care of this like I always do"




Edited by OhItsChristian
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With the new Turismo Classic you can do a pretty close rendition of Kavinsky.

Edited by Matrelith
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If my thoughts could change your mood



If the air I exhale is the wind you're feeling on your body



If through my eyes I could give you 365 days of wonderful weather



If my touch would send you positive emotions



If the heat of my body would keep you warm at night



If the pupils of my eyes wouldn't turn the sun into a total solar eclipse



But when I stop thinking about it then there's just this...






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